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How Buttoned Up Is Saban? Bama’s Got A Lightning-Delay Plan

Once every few years a team will play in weather so bad that lightning could lead to a delay in game action.  It doesn’t happen often — I myself have only attended one lightning-delayed game in a lifetime of going to games from Auburn to Wisconsin.

But when lightning strikes at Alabama, the Crimson Tide know what to do.

In a classic sign of just how meticulous Nick Saban is, he had his football team ready when his team’s rout of Missouri was delayed a few weeks back.  Center Barrett Jones has revealed that when the officials sent the team to their dressing rooms:


“We immediately jumped into our lightning-delay plan.  We really did.  We had a specific plan on how we manage that.  We had meetings.  We had it all set up.  We had it all ready.  It wasn’t us.  The coaches had a plan on how to handle it…

We treated it like halftime.  I’ll just say we had a plan.”


Now, in fairness, Saban and his coaches might have cooked up the lightning-delay plan the week of that specific game because forecasts had called for severe weather in Columbia.  This might not be 100% proof that Bama’s coach is prepared for everything.  (After all, the Tide didn’t look too prepared for Jordan Jefferson and the option in last year’s Game of the Century I with LSU.)

But if you ask a Bama fan about Saban’s lightning-delay plan you’ll probably be told that he knew he’d need one on that day.  How come?  “Who do you think controls the weather?”



I have been to several, including that one. He may want to work on that plan because after the delay it was a different game. Maybe the players we just distracted?


 @buddha22  Being distracted was a part of it, but I think the downtime allowed the players time to think about the circumstances of the game and it's hard to stay jacked up in that situation.  Bama was dominating and it's only human nature to let up in that situation.


Mizzou will be fine in the future, but Bama just didn't have to be on top of their game to win that day.

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