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Gruden’s Agent Shoots Down UT Talk

The agent for Jon Gruden has told The Knoxville News Sentinel that reports that his client had received an offer from Tennessee were from a “fantasy world.”  According to Bob LaMonte:


“I haven’t said anything (about the rumors) because there’s been nothing to say.  This, to me, is just a fantasy world.”


LaMonte said that he spoke to UT athletic director Dave Hart for the first time this morning:


“He just said there had been a lot of rumors and he just wanted to clear the air.  I said, ‘Thank you for the call.  I appreciate it.’  He said, ‘thank you,’ and that was it.”

… “He said, ‘I just wanted to do due diligence.’  I said, ‘Thank you but Jon has made it clear he’s committed to ESPN.’  He thanked me and said goodbye.”


Rather definitive it would seem.  Though there’s no doubt that Gruden and Tennessee sent word back and forth regarding the UT opening before Hart dialed up the ESPN analyst’s agent for a final check.

Either way, Gruden now appears to be as gone as Keyser Soze.


like that, its gone




Gruden loves the courting and dating process but he is not at all interested in stepping to the altar.. . Like sojourner, I wish he had spoken up sooner but I think Jon enjoys seeing his name being tossed around. .I'm glad this fantasy has been put to rest so we can get back to the real world.


i enjoy being a football fan as much as anyone, but this is one tennessee grad who is not running around with his hair on fire over Gruden saying no thanks.  I wish he had spoke up sooner and saved us this charade and unnecessary embarrassment.  As one poster observed, "Sometimes the best hire is the one you don't make."  Amen.  I just hope Hart has the good sense to seek out someone who really wants the job, who isn't convinced he'd be doing us a favor, and who wouldn't want a king's ransom for the privilege  of his company.   

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