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“Champions” Bowl Announcement Coming Soon

It’s Thursday and people are starting to get a little froggy about the “Champions” Bowl announcement that the SEC and Big XII had said they’d make this week.  No press releases came on Monday.  No press conferences were called on Tuesday.  No news broke yesterday.

But SEC associate commissioner Mark Womack says a decision between the Cotton Bowl in Arlington and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans is coming soon:


“We’re not quite there yet.  The goal was to try to get it done this week.  Whether that will be the case or not, we’re still not quite sure on that.”


We were told by someone in the SEC office yesterday afternoon that it’s still hoped a decision will be announced by the end of the week.

According to The Baton Rouge Advocate, the delay seems to revolve around the number of times the “Champions” Bowl will serve as national semifinal game during the 12-year playoff run that will kick off after the 2014 season.  Womack admitted that getting the SEC, Big XII and ESPN on the same page is tricky:


“Getting two different conferences to work things out and having all of our ADs on board is a little more time-consuming…

“We are talking about a long-term, major deal here.  And we need to have everybody on board and in agreement.  But we’re hopeful to have it done soon.”


Better hurry, guys.  In our microwave society, people want their news yesterday.



.Sounds like they are making this more complicated than it needs to be,   if they are trying to roll this into a single bowl entity.  The obvious solution is to have the Champions Bowl played in the Cotton Bowl 6 years and in The Sugar Bowl 6 years.  EVERYONE WINS;  SEC/Big 12 Keep their Media rights revenue for each and every year.  The BCS still has the Cotton and Sugar to host 8 combined semifinals in 12 years.  The Cotton Bowl and Sugar Bowl both end up with 6 Champion Bowls (Big 12 v SEC) 4 National Semi Finals and 2 years of open seating where they can invite any team that is available.


If The SEC and Big 12 end up picking a single Bowl entity and surrendering media rights revenue for hosting a semi final someone needs to lose their job.  There is no good reason the Big 12 /SEC should be doing that.  It will cost each and every school in the Big 12 $4 Million dollars each time they host a semi final.  It will cost each and every school in the SEC $2.86 million every time they host a semi final.


 @GrayGrantham That goes to my question.  Why host any at all?  Pick one bowl to host the champions every year and kick the semi back to the other bowls.  They probably want more of the semi's anyway.  (Been saying the same about the Rose too -- and maybe the Orange.)


Dumb question.  Would the SEC and Big XII want the semi to be there at all?  Why not keep all that New Year's Night cash for the conferences? 

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