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CBS’ Danielson To SEC Critics: “Everybody Should Shut Up”

Gary Danielson is about as good an in-game analyst as you’ll find in college football.  Todd Blackledge is good.  Kirk Herbstreit is good.  Danielson is good.  So when he speaks, we turn our ears — or in this case our eyes — in his direction.

This week Danielson took part in pre-SEC Championship Game teleconference and you can find the whole Q&A right here at the SEC’s official site.

But here’s what caught our attention.  Asked if  there is “any validity in the argument that the SEC is overrated,” Danielson said:


“There is a little bit of disparity in the conference. The top teams that are ranked are 30-0 against the bottom half of the conference. That raises some question marks of the validity of just how powerful the SEC is. However, I think the ACC might vote for them after last weekend and I think that the way that LSU handled Washington earlier, they have just enough wins outside the conference to give them validity. Until somebody beats them, everybody should shut up.”


In the words, of Champ Kind, “Whammy!”

Danielson also points out that in a year when scoring went up in a whole lotta places, it was still “powerful defense” that carried “Stanford, Notre Dame and the (top) teams in the SEC.”  Which kinda brings us back to what we wrote about the Irish on Monday, namely that no one should be dismissing Notre Dame’s chances against Alabama or Georgia because Brian Kelly’s team “has  more in common with SEC teams” than the high-flying offense-first teams the SEC has traditionally faced in BCS title contests.



Danielson is the best, in my opinion. It's uncanny how well he can predict the plays an offense is going to run in certain situations. That shows he studies a lot of film and tendencies. I agree that defense is the key to winning consistently, that's why I would like to see UT go after Gary Patterson at TCU. As the old saying goes, offense sells tickets but defense wins games.


I like Gary Danielson. I was suprised about his comment on the top teams being 30-0 against the bottom teams and that putting into question the validity of the SEC's power. I guess that says the Conference doesn't have the parity of the NFL.  He should have also added the stats about SEC teams record vs. other teams in BCS Conferences. That is even more important in my opinion.


I like his sentiment but telling college football fans to shut up is about as effective as telling politicians to spend less. It’s a good idea in theory but everyone thinks the other guy should do it first.

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