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AU’s Slade Provides UGA’s Jones With Some Added Motivation

Auburn offensive lineman Chris Slade has provided Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones with some extra motivation as the two players’ schools head toward their annual clash on Saturday.  Ironically, he was clearly trying to be complimentary:


“You’ve got to know how to identify each front and make each call.  Jarvis Jones, you know that he’s going to be one of the strong keys of their defense.  As long as you know where he’s at and what the front is, we should be all good.

You’ve got to be able to get your hands on him, block him.  He’s a good player, but you can stop him.  It’s not that hard.  You’ve just got to go out there and make the calls, go out there (and) execute the calls and know that he’s probably going to be on the side where the tackle will be made.  He’s the type of player who will be one of the impact players.”


First, with Auburn being 2-7 on the season it’s probably not the time for Slade or anyone else on the Plains to suggest “it’s not that hard” about anything.  But Slade did answer the question that he was asked and his answer was immediately taken — at least the “you can stop him… it’s not that hard” part — to Jones.

Jones said the right things, but it’s clear he — like any football player — he will try to use the quote for added motivation:


“He’s a competitive guy.  He fells like if he can get his hands on me he’ll be fine.  If he wants to come see me that’s fine.  So that’s how I feel.”


In the grand scheme of things, that was hardly a shot across Jones’ bow.  But football being football, you can count on Slade’s remark to give Jones some extra giddy-up on Auburn’s first possession.

And for those of you who are thisclose to typing the following into our comment boxes — “If he needs that for motivation…” — you obviously have never been around football players.  They search high and low for any sentence, any word, any syllable they can use to show that they’ve been “disrespected” in any way.

Slade should have just stayed mum.  At 2-7, everyone connected to the Auburn team should stay silent.



Given that Slade probably outweighs him by a good 50 or 60 pounds, there may be truth to what he says. The rub being that with someone who moves and throws his body around like Jones, getting solid contact on him in the first place is the tough part.

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