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Auburn A.D. Jacobs To Have Say In Chizik Decision

There’s a little good news for Gene Chizik this afternoon.  Good news for Jay Jacobs, too.  And what will be viewed as bad news for Auburn fans demanding that heads roll on the Plains.

For the past few weeks a number of media members, bloggers and fans have called for not only the ouster of Auburn coach Gene Chizik, but also for the dismissal of Jacobs, the athletic director who hired him.  Some have even called for AU president Jay Gogue to be rubbished as well.

But last week, a report claimed that Gogue was actually planning to stand by Jacobs and that Chizik’s situation would be settled after the season.  Today, takes things a step further claiming that “people familiar with the decision-making process” believe Jacobs will be “a key player” in helping decide the fate of Chizik.

Jacobs and Chizik are close.  So if Gogue’s standing by Jacobs, it’s possible he’ll stand by Chizik, too… if Jacobs recommends he do so.  And it’s quite likely Jacobs will make just such a recommendation.

Chizik has recruited well and he’s just two years removed from a BCS championship.  It can be argued — whether you buy it or not is up to you — that Auburn’s season has been adversely impacted by the arrival of two new coordinators with two new systems.  Jacobs could make the case that Chizik deserves another year to see if these moves and his big recruiting hauls finally pay off in 2013.

And don’t forget, keep Chizik for another year would see his buyout drop from about $7.5 million on December 1st of this year to about $5 million next December 1st.  If AU’s brass is looking for reasons to patient with Chizik, there are at least about 2.5 million of them.


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