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A Tip For Fans Following Coaching Searches

As the coaching carousel begins to spin, we just wanted to toss out a tip for all the folks who are hanging on every word, watching for every tweet, and listening for every murmur:

No coach will be seen in your school’s town until after he’s hired.

Every year at this time the rumors start to circulate that Big Name Coach A was seen eating dinner in College Town B… which means he’s in town to take College B’s job.  (Even if that job hasn’t officially come open yet.)  The wife of Up-And-Comer Coach Y is seen looking at houses in College Town Z… which means a deal’s already been struck to bring her husband to town as College Z’s new coach.

But think about it — as under-the-table as ADs try to run their searches, would they really bring a coach or his wife to town and let them be seen in public?

In a word: No.

In two words: Hell, no.

Schools meet coaches or their representatives in big cities — Atlanta, Dallas, New York.  They schedule the meetings to coincide with other business or gala events taking place in those areas for the sake of plausible deniability.

So if you read or hear that some coach was spotted at a local Waffle House or that his wife was spotted shopping for curtains at the local mall, don’t buy it.  Odds are, there’s 0% truth involved.

Just a tip.


sec_fan 1 Like

So what you are saying is I did not see John Gruden, Dave hart and Elvis eating at Burger King.


Thanks for the laugh.  People can be gullible.

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