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UT QB Bray Tweets A Shot At Some Vol Fans, Then Backtracks

Last week, a few imbecilic Georgia fans decided to egg and roll with toilet paper the house of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray after the Dawgs lost to South Carolina in Columbia.  Their immature, unintelligent actions gave UGA fans everywhere bad pub that none wanted and most didn’t deserve.

Well, after Saturday night’s 41-31 loss at Mississippi State, Tennessee’s quarterback feared he might get the same treatment as Murray from Volunteer fans.  Unfortunately, Tyler Bray expressed those feelings on Twitter.

“We got some bandwagon fans.  Hopefully my apt. isn’t egged,” he posted after the loss.

Some fans responded by saying they would throw beer bottles and golf balls at his place instead, a reference to some preseason trouble the QB made for himself.  (Interestingly, many Vol fans thought that issue was overblown at the time.  Funny how a 3-3 start will change the ol’ perspective on things.)

After his tweet made news on radio and television programs, Bray posted an apology:






There’s no telling what kind of garbage Bray had received via Twitter after the loss and when you toss the emotions of losing into the mix, I can’t say I’m surprised he responded as he did.  The problem — as we keep repeating — is that the majority of coaches still allow their players to use social media during the season.

One by one schools are starting to deny that privilege, usually after getting burned by a dumb post made by a player at precisely the wrong time.  Like Bray’s initial postgame tweet.

If you’re worried about someone egging your home, you probably shouldn’t ask for said egging in Tweet/insult form.

(And before you toss out the “Freedom of Speech” argument which has zip to do with Twitter, please tell me how the decision by Vanderbilt’s James Franklin to keep quarterback Jordan Rodgers away from the media this season is not a violation of Rodgers’ freedom of speech.  Coaches can quiet anyone they like in any way they like… or else a player can find himself a new team.)

But more importantly to Tennessee fans, whether Bray was caught up in emotions and responding to negativity or not, do his initial comments sound like the words of a junior quarterback who’s eager to return for his senior season?



Still not sure what NFL scouts are seeing in Bray and Hunter. Bray has a big arm. Hunter is an athletic freak. Neither show up for SEC games.  Maybe that's not a concern and the scouts think with proper coaching both can be effective?

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