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USC’s Spurrier Says QB Shaw Will Likely Start Vs UT; Not Worried About Tiebreakers

Steve Spurrier isn’t worried about tiebreaker scenarios.  After destroying Georgia at home his Gamecocks have gone on a two-game slide losing at LSU (close) and at Florida (not so close).  Now his South Carolina team will need to win out while Florida loses out if it’s going to reach Atlanta.

The Ol’ Ball Coach said yesterday that he’s not worried about such issues.  According to The Charleston Post & Courier, Spurrier said, “I’m pulling for Florida (against Georgia this weekend), but I think it’ll be a close game.  I’ve got my own problems around here trying to make a first down.”

Only then was Spurrier informed that Carolina actually needed Georgia to win Saturday’s game with the Gators in Jacksonville.

Darryl Slater of The Post & Courier then wrote this:


“’Who they got after Georgia?’” Spurrier asked, referring to Florida.

Missouri, he was told. The Gators host the Tigers.

“’Just Missouri?’” Spurrier asked.

Yes, just Missouri. Spurrier paused.

“’I don’t see all that happening,’” he said. “’We don’t need to worry about that right now.  We’re just trying to hold onto the ball and try to play a good, solid game against Tennessee.’”


Now normally, needing a team to lose out, you’d hope they’d have as few games left as possible.  The idea of Florida losing four SEC games in a row — for example — would seem less likely than a two-game slide.  But Spurrier obviously doesn’t think there’s much chance of the Gators losing to Georgia and then Missouri, period.

As for this weekend’s game against Tennessee, Spurrier had to discuss his quarterback situation after pulling starter Connor Shaw in favor of backup Dylan Thompson last week:


“In all likelihood, Connor will probably go back to starting (against Tennessee), unless something happens during the week.  We’re still trying to get Connor to throw a little bit more when it’s there.  But again, Connor, with his ability to run, certainly helps our running.  And every Gamecock alive knows we need to run the ball.  I know we need to, too.  But the games we ran well, we also hit a pretty good percentage of passes to keep drives going.”


If Florida does lose to Georgia and then Missouri and Carolina can beat Tennessee at home this weekend, the Cocks would need a win at home over Arkansas to grab the East title via tiebreaker.

UPDATE — Georgia would still need to lose one more game at Auburn or at home against Ole Miss to fall into a tie with Carolina.


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