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Thought Of The Day – 10/4/12

Thursday means it’s Numbers & Stats Day around here.  While we finish those pieces up and pull today’s headlines together, here’s your lyrical inspiration courtesy of my iPod.


“Don’t be shocked by the tone of my voice.  Check out my new weapon, weapon of choice.”


Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice [Official video]


That still might be the best video ever made.  News and numbers soon…



On such a special day like 10-4 Good Buddy day it is insulting that your music pick of the day is anything other than convoy.  Yep the hate stepped to a new level when people even complain about your music selection.  Love the site.


  1. I like your blog

    I’m juggling about 10 things right now so I don’t have that much time to play around learning how to make a website. What are good resources to jump-start implementing javascript, php, mySQL, etc?.

  2. Trackback says:


    Can connecting another computer to my network influence the connections of the other computers?

  3. Trackback says:

    Like it

    What I have tried so far is: copy pasting from googledocs to Notes to wordpress, and copy pasting from googledics into HTML tab in wordpress. Neither tries retained the boldface text. Thanks in advance!.

  4. Trackback says:

    Thank you

    What are Mark Zuckerberg’s blog posts in the movie “The Social Network”?

  5. Trackback says:

    Like it

    How do I export from blogger to wordpress without ruining indexed permalinks?

  6. Trackback says:

    wow thats great

    How soon do you think web crawler will pickup my blog posts?

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