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Spurrier Promises Discipline For USC’s Quarles, But He’s Likely Out With Injury Anyway

The SEC is leaving the punishment of South Carolina defensive tackle Kelcy Quarles up to his coach.  Quarles threw a clear punch at LSU offensive lineman PJ Lonergan following a first-quarter play in the Gamecocks’ 23-21 loss last Saturday.

Yesterday, Steve Spurrier said he will punish Quarles for his action (which can be seen here)… even though he also said he’s seen much harder punches during games than the one Quarles delivered to Lonergan’s facemask:


“Yes, we do have plans to discipline Kelcy for that.  It was a… I guess you would call it a punch.  I’ve seen a lot bigger punches.  But he did sort of throw at him.  I don’t even know if the LSU guy knew he threw a punch.  I think it just sort of glanced off his shoulder pad or helmet or something in there.  But I saw it, yeah.  We don’t condone that.”


Spurrier might not condone it — he even said the player “possibly could” miss playing time — but he sure seems to be playing the incident down, doesn’t he?  Here’s the rule: You don’t throw a punch on a football field.  Whether it connects or not, whether it’s thrown with great force or not, you don’t do it.  Period.  End of story.  Every coach, every player and every fan knows this.

But as it turns out, Quarles doesn’t sound like he’ll be a go for Florida this weekend due to injury.

Spurrier said it’s “very doubtful” his D-tackle will be ready to play Saturday after spraining his shoulder against LSU (photo at left).

Carolina’s two other top tackles — starter Byron Jerideau and backup JT Surratt — are currently dealing with sprained ankles.  Spurrier said the two “hopefully could be ready” for this weekend’s showdown with Florida.  Surratt would likely take Quarles spot in the starting lineup if he’s not healthy enough to play.



And  still no word from Saban or the SEC on dealing with Fanning's incredibly dangerous and intentional "tackle" last week? 

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



That's not a punch.  That's a headslap between linemen.  There's a difference between an angry punch delivered after a play and a blow to the noggin delivered during a play.  


Quarles shouldn't have thrown a punch.  End of story.  And if Lonergan had punched Quarles, I'd say Lonergan shouldn't have thrown a punch.  You can't act out with that kind of anger on the field.  It's always been against the rules and it always will be.


Thanks for reading the site,



 @John at MrSEC It may be a "headslap between linemen" in your opinion, but it's also a personal foul according to Rule 9, Article 2a.  "No person subject to the rules shall strike an opponent with the knee; strike an opponent’s helmet (including the face mask), neck, face or any other part of the body with an extended forearm, elbow, locked hands, palm, fist, or the heel, back or side of the open hand; or gouge an opponent (A.R. 9-1-2-I)."


Additionally, it wasn't an extension of the action between two players already engaged.  It was the only contact made.  Don't pretend that was a legal action or that "everyone does it".  I enjoy your site but you're wrong on this one.





 @John at MrSEC I never said I thought Quarles shouldn't be punished - never even hinted at that thought.


i *do* have a bit of a problem with the after-the-fact posting of videos by fans/media calling for punitive action afterward.  It quickly can turn into a battle of who can find what fouls and post videos hoping for equal publicity.  I think I've made that point fairly well now.


Quarles should be punished.  IMO, so should the LSU player from the link I posted.  I'm not saying they are the "same", or that they necessarily deserve equal punishment - but if we're going down this road of calling for punitive action due to video after-the-fact then I believe we should "share the love" and call for punitive action for both.


Ideally, the media would leave this stuff alone at let the teams, the league(s), the officials, and the NCAA work things out.  Not likely in this day and time though.


The fact that one foul was dead-ball and one foul was live-ball seems to be a big deal to you.  We may just have to disagree on that.  The live-ball foul appears to have prevented a sack, or at the least a pressure/hurry, and to have had an impact on the game.  The dead-ball foul had no impact on the game at all.  But you are much more bothered by the dead-ball foul.  So be it...


Thanks again,


John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



I'm going to have to start just posting the same things under every similar question.  Here's what I wrote under ANOTHER story when ANOTHER person posted the same video:


"I always love how a fanbase can't simply say, 'Yeah, our guy shouldn't have punched someone.' Instead, they have to immediately scour tapes looking for something the other team did. 


My comment on the play above is that it's a headslap between linemen during a play.  That's different than an angry player trying to punch the face of someone who's laying on the ground after a play.


A cheap shot?  Flag-worthy?  Okay.  But that's not fighting or punching.  One COULD earn a player a suspension.  One COULD earn a player a penalty.


If Quarles had been spotted by a ref, he'd have been tossed.


Anyone reading this knows that to be the case.  And if an LSU player had punched a South Carolina player, I'd be saying the same thing.


Thanks for reading the site,




So obviously, I didn't mean to make it sound in my response to you that I was "pretending" that everyone does what was done in the video you linked to.  I was simply -- hurriedly -- trying to make it clear that one issue is in a whole other realm than the other.


If the player in question had been seen, he'd have been flagged.  If Quarles' punch had been seen, he'd have likely been tossed from the game.  That's the difference.


Apples and oranges in my view.  I suspect many will disagree.  But that is my opinion.


Again, thanks for reading the site.  It's appreciated,




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