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Spurrier Says Lattimore Will Play For USC Again, Then Takes Shot At Clemson’s Swinney

About 1,500 fans attended an afternoon rally for Marcus Lattimore on South Carolina’s campus yesterday.  Lattimore was lost for the season on Saturday when he sustained the second major knee injury of his career.  Speakers included teammates, school president Harris Pastides, and US Senator Lindsey Graham.  Well wishes and proclamations came in from US Vice President Joe Biden and Palmetto State Governor Nikki Haley.

That’s a darn big show of respect for a college running back who tore up his knee.  It says a lot about Lattimore’s reputation off the field, as well as on it.  You can see video from the rally by clicking here.

On a positive note, Steve Spurrier said that Lattimore wanted him to tell the crowd, “I’ll be back.”  The coach added: “We’re going to get Marcus for our or five years instead of three.  That’s one positive we know of.”

Lattimore’s injury was so severe that he might have to miss then entire 2013 season in order to return to the field in 2014 (if he can return at all).  While we’re glad he’s planning to return to the SEC, any true well-wisher of Lattimore would hope that he turns pro and tries to make as much money as possible as soon as possible.  And save the emails, that’s not an anti-Carolina statement… that’s pro-Lattimore.

While the rally was a nice show of support for Lattimore, Spurrier sadly wound up making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Over the weekend a number of Clemson players tweeted kind words to and about Lattimore.  On his Sunday teleconference, Tiger coach Dabo Swinney — who made the mistake last year of engaging Spurrier in a war of words — said of Lattimore’s injury:


“Just absolutely took my breath away… I was watching it, and it breaks my heart.  I am sorry for him and his family.  This is a guy that represents all the good things that college football should be about.  He is a class young man and so is his family and I know how hard he worked.”


Did Spurrier respond with kind words toward his opponent?  Surely with the story being Lattimore and not his own ego or the Carolina-Clemson rivalry, Spurrier could say something nice, couldn’t he?



“A lot of quotes came across the nation.  I read one today from the head coach of our Upstate school.  You know that school that used to beat us a lot but doesn’t beat us much anymore.  Usually, when that coach up there talks about South Carolina, it’s a bunch of garbage and a bunch of BS, usually.  But I have to agree with him on what he said the other day.  He said ‘Marcus Lattimore stands for what’s right about college football.’”


Informed of Spurrier’s comments last night, Swinney told his radio show audience: “I don’t really have a comment other than I’m embarrassed for him.  That would be about the only thing I have to say about that.”

If Swinney’s smart he’ll keep it that way.  You don’t win a war of words with the Ol’ Ball Coach.  And if you stay quiet long enough, he’ll say something ugly at the wrong time in the wrong place and draw negative attention back to himself.  He’s one of the greatest coaches in college football history, but several times a year his mouth brings to mind Karl Malden’s speech to George C. Scott during the movie “Patton.”  Hushing a loud-mouthed general George Patton, general Omar Bradley says:


“You are loyal, dedicated.  You’re one of the best I’ve got, but you don’t know when to shut up.  George, you’re a pain in the neck.”


At an event at which Lattimore should have been the sole focus, Spurrier managed to insult a rival coach who had had nothing but nice things to say about Spurrier’s injured star.  When given a choice between showing class or showing his ass, it’s not hard to guess which option Carolina’s coach will choose.

Here’s video of Spurrier’s comments:


Steve Spurrier speaking at the Marcus Lattimore rally



Spurrier is dumb like a fox. He knows exactly what he is doing when he takes these jabs at opposing  teams, coaches and fans. He knows it will energize and entertain his fans and annoy and pi$$ off the team and fans of his target. People like Spurrier don't care if the fans are screaming for them or against them;. They know they are relevant as long as they have the fans screaming. As a Tennessee fan, I would guess that Spurrier has aimed more jabs at the Vol Nation than any other. Even so, I actually enjoy his witty comments and I think the SEC is much better off having him as a coach in our league..I have never thought his comments were intended to be mean or malicious but he does seem to know precisely where his opponent's "hot buttons" are located...


A wise man knows when to speak and when to be quiet.


That was a humorous, not malicious, TYPICALLY SOUTHERN jab directed at a rival school and coach who has quite the history for going off on paranoid rants against Spurrier and USC, while at a birthday party/support rally. That reference was followed immediately with a kind recitation and agreement of Swinney's comments showering praise on Lattimore.  Those finding fault here should ruminate over their own insecurities.  


OK, like most things, people are overreacting here. This was rally, and Spurrier was simply getting the crowd riled up. Clemson being Carolina's big rival, he simply used them to get the crowd excited a little. He didn't say this in an interview, he didn't say it to a reporter, he said it to a bunch of Carolina students and fans. And I don't think your anti-Carolina, or any other school here, I just think we are programmed to take anything Spurrier says, and blow it out of proportion. 


the comment was vary poorly chosen and vary poorly timed, there is a added element to them.


Monday was Lattimore's birthday and Spurrier did start off with "this isn't a memorial, this is a celebration"


i feel the comments were more of a coach who was trying to bring some levity to a situation with a flippant remark.


I agree completely.  I felt Saturday when he did the press conference and talked about Lattimore that he really didn't care, but I brushed that off and figured I was just being hard on him.  It was almost as if he could care less.  This episode is completely without class.  Ridiculous.

SEC fan
SEC fan

Just the latest example of just what a "horse's behind"  Spurrier actually is.  I just don't understand how he gets away with it.  Guess winning cover lots of sins but he has a long history of being an arrogant SOB who treats almost everyone with contempt and rarely (congrats, John) gets called on it.

SEC fan
SEC fan


 Being an a**hole is NOT a typical southern thing at least not the part of the south I come from.  Expect you would see it differently if you weren't a fan.  Like I said, winning seems to make whatever faults seem OK to those who are happy with the win-loss record.  As John points out, Spurrier seems to "grow a set" and crow more when he is winning than when he isn't.  Just wish he didn't act like an arrogant 8th grader who just scored his first touchdown on the playground at school.  He is old enough now to know how to act like a responsible adult.  As a coach said one time, "he just needs a good spanking"

Boyd Crowder
Boyd Crowder

Oh, I see what is troubling you SEC fan - what behavoir u consider A**holish - is just the way people born and raised in eastern tennessee behave.  That is normal, adult behavoir for that area of the country.  And of course,  steve is from that vol area of tennessee. 


Im happy to clear that up. 


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