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SEC Schools Will Have More Cash Rolling In If They Want To Fire Coaches

Today, The Knoxville News Sentinel reported that Tennessee would have to pay between $5.6 and $9.3 million to eject Derek Dooley and his staff from their jobs in Knoxville this season.  If Auburn chose to blow up Gene Chizik, he and his staff would have large buyouts as well (the head coach’s alone is believed to be $7.5 million).  Kentucky would have to fork over cash to Joker Phillips and his coaches as well.

But keep in mind that Southeastern Conference schools are about to come into some new money.  A lot of new money.

Starting in 2014, the SEC will begin to reap the financial rewards from its new “Champions” Bowl game with the Big XII.  In addition the biggest chunks of revenue from the television contract for the new college football playoff will be doled out to the biggest conferences… and the SEC is one of those big leagues.  By 2014, the SEC will have also cut new deals with all of its bowl partners, adding some new ones, re-upping with some old ones.  Expect those new agreements to require less ticket buy-back plans which will mean some SEC schools won’t actually lose money when they take large traveling parties to holiday contests.

In addition, an industry source told this week that he expects the SEC’s new television deals (CBS, ESPN and a new SEC Network) to be worth an extra $10 to $15 million per school per year.

Add it all up and all 14 SEC schools should have more money spilling from their vaults — a lot more money — beginning in 2014.  Might that impact the decisions schools make in 2012 regarding their current coaches?  You’d certainly think so.


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Is that an additional $10-$15 million? So should be towards $30 million a year per school right?

John at MrSEC
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Yes.  The story was all about additional revenue so I was in the mindset that that would be clear... but I needed to make it clearer... and just did.


I was told by an industry source yesterday morning that it's expected each SEC school will get an additional $10-$15 million per year from the SEC's new TV deals... on top of what the schools already pull.  With TV money, NCAA money, bowl splits, etc, that would -- if correct -- put SEC schools in the ballpark of $28-$33 million per year in terms of an annual check from the SEC.  And that doesn't count the new bowl contracts, new playoff TV money, and new "Champions" Bowl revenue.


If my source is correct -- and I have every reason to believe he is -- the SEC's schools will get a ridiculous boost in cash over the next few years.


Thanks for reading.  Glad you forced me to clarify that statement as ADDITIONAL television revenue per school.



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 @John at MrSEC

 Thanks for the reply. I thought that was what you meant, but just wanted to clarify. Big numbers for sure, but seem to still be a little less than what the Pac 12 potential $$$'s are going to be. I guess that market out west justifies more $'s.

Again thanks for the info.

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