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Latest News Stat Analysis: Playmakers 10/25/12

Regular readers of — as opposed to you irregular readers — know that we like to look inside the numbers on Thursdays.  Usually, we look at team-based stats, but today we want to examine the work of individual performers.

This stat’s pretty simple, really: Which offensive players are responsible for the most yards per touch?  We call it our Playmakers measure.

We take rushing yards, passing yards and receiving yards and then divide that number by the total number of touches for a given player.  We include only those players who’ve touched the ball — run, pass or catch — at least 30 times against SEC defenses only.

Below you’ll find the 15 players who have the highest yards-per-touch average against rival SEC teams halfway through the 2012 season:


  Player   Pos.   Touches   Yards   Yards/Touch
  J. Matthews (VU)   WR   37   552   14.91
  AJ McCarron (ALA)   QB   101   838   8.30
  T. Wilson (ARK)   QB   127   982   7.73
  B. Malena (A&M)   RB   41   306   7.46
  A. Murray (UGA)   QB   175   1,276   7.29
  J. Hill (LSU)   RB   37   259   7.00
  K. Marshall (UGA)   RB   50   338   6.76
  T. Russell (MSU)   QB   118   782   6.63
  TJ Yeldon (ALA)   RB   56   366   6.54
  J. Manziel (A&M)   QB   218   1,413   6.48
  J. Driskel (UF)   QB   174   1,112   6.39
  T. Bray (UT)   QB   144   867   6.02
  C. Shaw (USC)   QB   194   1,159   5.97
  E. Lacy (ALA)   RB   66   393   5.95
  B. Wallace (UM)   QB   118   700   5.93


For the record, that’s nine quarterbacks, five running backs and one receiver.



Auto-play videos are bad, and you should feel bad putting them on your site.


Metamucil (sp?) will help your irregular readers.


Is anyone going more unnoticed that Jordan Matthews? Kid is a beast. 


Alabama receiver Amari Cooper currently has 21 touches due to only have played 4 sec games for 333 yards. That comes out to a 15.85 yards per touch average which would be good enough for 1st place in this list. With a few more touches the next few games we might have a new leader.


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