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More Cracks Begin To Show In AU Foundation As Dye, Chizik And Barkley Talk About The Tigers, Each Other

It’s been a long day and quite frankly I’m not interested enough in this to spend much time on it.  Still when you have Pat Dye, Gene Chizik and Charles Barkley all talking about each other and the Auburn football program, it’s worth a mention.  So get ready for a back-and-forth of quotes.

Yesterday, former Tiger coach Pat Dye said on the radio that Auburn’s bad season “is what it is and I don’t see it getting any better.”  Dig this:


“I don’t see us winning one (game), Paul (Finebuam).  It will be a big upset if we win Saturday against Vanderbilt.  Everybody knows that that’s not acceptable…

We’ve got problems that are not solvable on offense.  You’ve got to have a quarterback to win in this league.  Every team that we’ve played, their quarterback has been better than ours.”


Naturally, Chizik was asked to respond to Dye’s summary of the situation.

According to the current Auburn coach — who many believe was aided in landing the AU gig by Dye himself — basically said he didn’t care what the ex-coach said:


“Coach Dye was a tremendous football coach, and I have a lot of respect for Coach Dye, without question.  I can’t spend a lot of time and energy in deliberation on what somebody said, whether it was Coach Dye or whether it was an alumni from 1968 that nobody knows who he or she is. I don’t have an opinion on that because my day, when I walk through the door, consist of my coaches and my players and the direction we’re headed…

What makes college football great, there are going to people on the radio, on TV on the outside, they can say what they want…and that’s great.”


We all know that three’s a party so enter Charles Barkley, the ex-Auburn basketball star turned broadcaster who is defending Chizik:


“I’m never an advocate of saying people should get fired. That’s just not cool. Gene has done a good job but right now, he’s got to find a quarterback. I don’t think you can say they even have a quarterback on their roster right now. But the guy won a national champ two years ago.”


As for Dye’s statements, Barkley weighed in there, too:


“I don’t think he should have said that. I’m going to stick with Auburn no matter what, through good times and bad times, but I’d never say we don’t have a chance.”


I don’t recall Barkley sticking with Auburn when he suggested Chizik was selected over Turner Gill as head coach because he’s white and Gill is black, but what the heck?  It’s Sir Charles and he’s dang entertaining.

He also happens to be a fan of the coach up the road from Auburn:


“I’m a Nick Saban fan.  That guy’s not going anywhere.  We have to look at the big picture.  We’re not going anywhere right now.  Can we compete with him the next six years?

The three saddest days of my life were the day Elvis died, the day Michael Jackson died, and the day Mike Shula got fired.

We’ve had very good teams at Auburn but we’re not Alabama. No disrespect. We’ve got to get a gameplan in place. Nick Saban is a clear and present danger. You’ve got to admire and respect what that guy has done.”


Dye, too, threw a little love in Saban’s direction in talking about how he’s handled the Crimson Tide quarterback position and team:


“Coach Saban makes A.J. McCarron’s job as easy as he can make it and he’s doing a great job. He could probably expand what McCarron’s doing and score 60 points a game but he’s being smart and playing young players and managing the game.”



Dye says he’s not losing faith in Chizik but he sure sounds like it.  Chizik says he doesn’t really care what Dye or anybody else says about him or his team.  Barkley is sticking by Chizik and he thinks Dye was out of bounds to say Auburn might not win another game this year.

Oh, and both Barkley and Dye are flinging praise toward Alabama’s coach.

Think things are going off the rails on the Plains these days?



Interesting you left out that Dye still supports Chizik and the coaches in the program. Amazing what you can do with quotes when you leave some things about to make them say what you want.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



I copied pieces from three different articles and tried to paste together a coherent example of the best quotes and you come to say I've got an agenda.  Well, try reading what's written:



"Dye says he’s not losing faith in Chizik but he sure sounds like it."



I frickin' said Dye said he still supports Chizik.  Right there.  Dead in front of you. 


Amazing what you can find you actually READ a piece before crying in the comment box -- anonymously -- about bias (that doesn't exist).  Where were you in 2010 when Alabama fans were blasting me for saying there was no proof of any wrongdoing with Cam Newton?


People only complain, they never pay attention to the fact that I'm 50/50 down the middle on all 14 of these schools.


I've been on this site since 8am this morning.  It's now after 6pm.  The response?  The same ol' complaints... typo here, bias there.


Life's too short, the stress is too high, and the people I hear from most just complain and whine.


Getting very tired of it,



 @John at MrSEC  @kdlewis04 John, if you think about it, aren't you  really 100% in control of what happens at your site?  If you don't like something you can delete a post or ban a poster or do something.  I enjoy reading this site, I really do, but if it's too much trouble, you can always do something else with you spare time.




 @John at MrSEC  @Dennyzzzzz  @kdlewis04 Hi John, I enjoy reading your site every day and have never commented.  I just decided to register to let you know that there are folks like me that appreciate your insight and website.  Please keep up the good work.


 @John at MrSEC  @Dennyzzzzz  @kdlewis04

 Let me get this straight @Denny, I should be banned because I voiced an opinion in the comment section? It's the comment section. I may be wrong with my opinion but to suggest that a person should be banned is a bit over the top. I read the sight and I comment in the comment section. Do I think it's a bit over opinionated at times? Yes and theres a section where I am able to say something and John responds if he believes I am wrong. Guess what? I was wrong, sort of. But I will not stop reading Mr Sec and I would like to think that in this country we don't get banned for commenting. I don't believe that I personally degraded or attacked you or threatened you in any way to warrant someone suggesting that I be banned. Really? It's an opinion.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

 @Dennyzzzzz  @kdlewis04 


Actually, if it's my site, then I can respond to someone who posts nonsense under a story by pointing out that they didn't read the story... and that hearing the same crap day after day gets old.  Which I did.  


So I guess I am 100% in control of what happens here.

Thanks for reading,



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    More Cracks Begin To Show In AU Foundation As Dye, Chizik And Barkley Talk About The Tigers, Each Other – | SEC Football News | SEC Basketball News | SEC Football Recruiting | SEC Basketball Recruiting

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