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LSU QB Mettenberger Dumps Moustache For Luck

Bye-bye, moustache.  LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger has shaved his facial hair in an attempt to change the luck for his sometimes struggling offense:


“The moustache was a great look for me, but unfortunately we didn’t play too hot the first five games.  I’m hoping to bring a different vibe to the offense and some good luck.”


What the Tigers really need are less stumbles and bumbles when they have the football, not less facial hair.

LSU is currently ranked 11th in the SEC in fumbles lost with six, but they’ve put the ball on the ground an additional five times for a grand total of 11 fumbles through five games.  Two fumbles per contest?  That’s way too many.

The Tigers are also seventh in the conference in sacks allowed having given up 11 total.  Les Miles says Mettenberger is working on getting rid of the ball faster.  “My game is definitely not running around laterally in the pocket,” the quarterback told The Baton Rouge Advocate.  “I’m a north-south type of guy, but this year, I’ve have to try to create plays.  Out of frustration I guess I do it too much.  I need to stick to the gameplan and my abilities.”

LSU is 13th — out of 14 SEC schools — in terms of penalty-yards-per-game.  The Tigers have been flagged 42 times for 305 yards… an average of 61.0 yards per game lost.

Yes, the Tigers are still 5-0 and ranked #4 in the nation.  But if they don’t begin to clean up their mix-ups on offense, that undefeated record might not last too long.

Playing well, the Tigers will be hard for anyone to beat.  Which is why they can’t afford to beat themselves.



if Florida dosn't pop that bubble, South Carolina is going to go to there house, steal there lunch and eat it in front of them.


LSU read too many press clippings and listened to too many preseason predictions this summer.  It is a matter of time before they lose.  Florida is a possibility, though I probably would not bet on that one, but it will happen soon.


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