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ESPN Debuts Promo for “Ghosts Of Ole Miss” Documentary

ESPN struck gold — when doesn’t it? — when it launched a series of 30 sports documentaries to celebrate its first 30 years of existence back in 2009.  The “30 for 30″ series was so well-received that it’s exceeded it original mission and continues on… sort of like those Martian rovers that outlasted their expiration dates a few years back.

Well the four-letter network unveiled the trailed for it’s latest “30 for 30″ doc — “Ghosts of Ole Miss” — yesterday.  (Unlike “Ghosts of Mississippi,” it’s not expected that Alec Baldwin will appear, sliding in and out of a Southern accent.)

Here’s the trailer, and yes, it looks good:


ESPN Films 30 for 30: Ghosts of Ole Miss


The question Rebel fans are asking right now: “How will that documentary portray Ole Miss and how will it impact recruiting?”  For that answer, we’ll have to wait until next Tuesday at 8pm ET.


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The name "Ole Miss" is actually an old slave term. It's what slaves used to call the wife of the plantation owner.


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