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WKU Players Flap Gums, Assure Defeat With Promises Of Beating Bama

Well, the media and his own crimson-clad fans might not be helping Nick Saban fire up his team for Western Kentucky… but a pair of Hilltoppers have foolishly come to his aid.  Sophomore WKU defensive lineman/linebacker TJ Smith is a native of the Yellowhammer State who grew up an Auburn fan.  Unfortunately for him and his teammates, he couldn’t keep his anti-Bama feelings to himself:


“Yeah, man, I’ll tell you what, we’re gonna play hard.  I’ll tell you what, we’re gonna freaking win this game.  Truly, we got a great defense, great linebackers — so watch this game, we’re gonna win.”


I’ll tell you what… if WKU knocks off #1 Alabama in Tuscaloosa, it will go down as one of the biggest upsets in the history of college sports.  But Smith wasn’t alone in expressing confidence.  Another Alabama-native/Auburn-fan — fullback Demetrius Coley — took things even further:


“Yeah, I can’t wait to get out here and kick their butts.”


Misters Smith and Coley, to quote the very old (and bad) Hudson Brothers movie, “Hysterical” (yeah, I went there)… “You’re doomed.”


Hysterical – You're Doomed!


(A hat tip to John Clay at The Lexington Herald-Leader.)


Mr Bad Example
Mr Bad Example

Let's see....nah, still don't care. Still won't watch.


OK --- as if defeat was not already assured prior to those player comments despite Coach Saban's commentary.


That's almost comical although I'm not sure it's going to make any discernible difference. Bama may now win by 48 instead of 35.

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