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UF’s Offensive Coordinator Wants To Be Less… Offensive

No wonder Will Muschamp hired Brent Pease as his offensive coordinator at Florida.  The two speak the same language.  And it’s a language that includes many uses of the F-word.

Last October, Muschamp’s televised tirades and foul language during the Gators’ game with Auburn led to an apology from the coach and a promise to clean up his act:


“I do want to apologize for my language on the sidelines the other night.  That’s not something that’s going to be tolerated here at the University of Florida, first of all, by me and our program.  That’s certainly not representative of what this program and this university is about.”


That was 11 months ago.  Fast-forward to this past weekend and it was Pease who was dropping F-bombs on live television.  Here’s what the first-year UF assistant had to say about the matter:


“I apologize for that.  I hear it more from my mom than anybody else (meaning admonitions, not the F-word).  My mother said to be careful and I need to watch my mouth.”


This is all rather silly if you ask me.  As a fan of the late George Carlin, I find the idea of some words being “bad” to be pretty ridiculous.  “There are no bad words,” he famously said in a classic routine.  “Bad thoughts.  Bad intentions.  And wooords.”

Maybe our fascination with “bad” language traces back to this nation’s Puritanical roots.  Who knows?  But with more and more television cameras covering more and more games, lip-readers had better get used to more and more “bad” words crossing the airwaves than ever before.

As George C. Scott said in the movie “Patton,” “When I want it to stick, I give it to them loud and dirty.”  Many coaches do the same.  Those coaches’ moms and a few of their fans might not like it, but it’s just a reality.  Always has been.  There are just more mics and cameras to bring that reality into our living rooms these days.

Man, I miss Carlin.


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Sounds like they're trying to apPease the fan base - *rimshot* Try the veal.

HVL Dawg
HVL Dawg

I mean, really, what does the f-word mean? It is a word that describes an activity which caused almost every person to be born.


But when Muschamp and Pease use their f-word they are not talking about procreation. They are using it with intent to insult. They are using it BECAUSE it gets a reaction from whomever has to hear it. The word is not the problem. It is the intentional insult that is an embarrassment to UF. And it should be.

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