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SEC Headlines – 9/21/12


1.  Auburn defensive end Corey Lemonier on LSU trash talk: “It’s just a huge disrespect to us and what we stand for.”

2.  The Tigers’ seasons “arrives at the crossroads” tomorrow night at gametime.

3.  The “Saban shuffle” employed by Alabama’s DBs began when Nick Saban was working for Bill Belichick 20 years ago.

4.  A balanced approach is working for the Tide’s receivers.

5.  Tyler Wilson is cleared to play for Arkansas tomorrow and John L. Smith says: “We’re thankful that he is.”  (Understatement of the Year award nominee.)

6.  Sounds like Razorback Tenarius Wright will be moving back to defensive end from his recent linebacker spot.

7.  LSU might have Zach Mettenberger at quarterback, but the Tigers are still built on the ground game.

8.  Here are five things to watch as the Tigers head to Auburn.

9.  This writer expects a major blowout when Mississippi State hosts South Alabama tomorrow.

10.  Bulldog offensive coordinator Les Koenning was on the the Jaguars’ first football staff.

11.  Two mighty-mite running backs are pushing for playing time at Ole Miss.

12.  Tulane will be starting a freshman at quarterback against the Rebels tomorrow and the last time the Green Wave started a freshman against UM he turned out to be pretty good.

13.  Texas A&M corner Dustin Harris on the Aggies’ blowout over SMU: “We stood up and showed everybody why we could be one of the Top 10 defenses in the nation.”

14.  The Ags boast the SEC’s top punter (after two games).



15.  Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn says Kentucky will present a challenge to his secondary.

16.  “The last time Kentucky beat Florida, stonewashed jeans and Members Only jackets were still in fashion.

17.  Joker Phillips is changing things up in hopes of ending this streak: UK hasn’t scored an offensive touchdown in the first quarter of a game since 2010.  Yes, 2010.

18.  Safety Dakotah Tyler is glad to be back with the Wildcat football team.

19.  Georgia’s freshmen running backs are living up to the hype.

20.  The Dawgs’ defense is working to cut down on the big plays.  

21.  South Carolina O-line coach Shawn Elliott: “Hopefully, we’re going to get out there and block somebody’s tail off Saturday night instead of lying around on the football field like we did last week.”

22.  Gamecock defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward says Missouri’s tempo “is going to be way faster than any team we’ve ever played.”

23.  Justin Coleman will replace Marsalis Teague as one of Tennessee’s starting cornerbacks.

24.  Derek Dooley says he’s leery of Terry Bowden’s offense at Akron.

25.  So why is QB Austyn Carta-Samuels likely to get his second start tomorrow against Georgia?  Jordan Rodgers didn’t protect the football.

26.  UGA fans are “anticipating” a game with Vandy for the first time in a long time.

27.  CBS’ Verne Lundquist on Missouri’s game at the other Columbia: “That’s not the most intense location in the SEC, South Carolina, but it will be pretty fervent… I think they’ll get a real idea of what it’s like to go on the road in the SEC.”  (For my money, the Williams-Brice/Cockaboose Railroad experience is one of the best in the league.)

28.  Ex-Carolina coach Sparky Woods says what we’ve been saying for a while — Mizzou is ahead of where the Gamecocks were when they entered the SEC.



29.  US News & World Report has posted its latest rankings for colleges and universities.  The SEC — as a whole — lags trails the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 but has moved ahead of the Big XII.  (Cue the angry West Virginia fans.)

30.  ”Imagine this: College football is dead.

31.  Imagine this: The ACC will try to prove it can hang with the SEC this week.


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viciousdawg 1 Like

O.K. I know this is an SEC page, but, let me take time out to give Jimbo Fisher of FSU some props. Richy Klepal a FSU recruit has had 5, yes count them, 5 concussions. Yet Fisher is going to honor his scholarship. College Football needs more classy coaches. Just my 2 cents worth. By the way should be some good games in conference this week. Vandy/Georgia....bad blood from last year.............. LSU/Auburn: Auburn would love nothing more than to beat LSU, I think LSU wears them down in the 2nd half but in the SEC anything can happen....  Mizzou's first road game in the other Columbia, wouldn't suprise me if this is an early season upset. Lets just hope NO ONE gets hurt this weekend.


 @viciousdawg Disclosure, UF grad here. SEC page or not, concussions are a big deal in the sport, and if they are not addressed, the sport could be seriously changed, or stopped altogether (and if you think I'm way off base, try looking at the impact of lawsuits on other institutions around this legal tar pit we call a country). My first observation is, no one with 2 concussions should be allowed on the field. The statistical probability for another concussion is about 100 percent, and playing a man with 4, which you would have to do to get him to 5, boarders on negligence (if Mr Klepal shows serious side effects 20 years from now, deal ol FSU is going to be named a co-defendant, no matter who is the coach).


Good to know they are going to honor his scholarship. But playing a guy with 4 concussions? That ain't smart.


Punting has traditionally been a strength at A&M. Don't forget that Yale Lary, a Hall of Fame player from the Detroit Lions, and Shane Lechler, who is probably the greatest punter in NFL history, are both Aggies.


 @JasonPoole Practice makes perfect. Also had Tony Franklin, a guy who smashed long field goal records back in the 1970's at A&M and then played for the NE Patriots (among ever). Couple of 60+ yarders in one game in college and then a slew of 50+ yarders in the pros. Your field goal kicker last year (name escapes me now) was pretty talented too.

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