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SEC Headlines 9/13/2012

SEC West

1. A.J. McCarron always seems to be the “other” quarterback in matchups – but he’s developing into a star in his own right. Tide perfect in the red zone this year.

2. “Saban has made himself into the best college coach and a nightmare for the media.”

3. Arkansas secondary not exactly distinguishing itself – and that was before losing top cornerback Tevin Mitchel.

4. If the Razorbacks cant establish the run against Jacksonville State or Louisiana-Monroe – what are the chances it can do it against Alabama?

5. LSU down to 74 scholarship players.  13 true freshmen have seen action this year.

6. “Miles has dealt with more off the field issues with his players in the last 18 months than he did in his first six years at LSU.”

7. Physical bump-and-run coverage?  Auburn cornerbacks aren’t ready for it.

8. Hugh Freeze sees a change from last year’s Ole Miss team: ”I did hear from enough people that I do have trust in that the effort was not up to the expectations of the administration or what the fan base desired.”

9. Oxford, Mississippi prepares for a stampede of Longhorn fans.

10. Lull in the Mississippi State schedule – Troy, South Alabam, Bye, Kentucky.  ”I yawned just typing that.”

11. Oklahoma State next year for the Bulldogs?

12. What Texas A&M can expect from SMU.

SEC East

13. Vanderbilt Jordan Rodgers made off-limits to the media on Wednesday – James Franklin wants to limit distractions for his quarterback.

14. Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn on the Gators defense vs. Tyler Bray and the Tennessee offense.“It’s a little bit of a balancing act on both sides. But, certainly, it’s a matchup we’re all looking forward to.”

15. Bray: ”If you just throw, throw, throw, the play-action doesn’t do anything.”

16. Knoxville police are already warning fans – don’t storm the field.  Andy Staples: “Storming the field? For beating a team that went 7-6 last year?”  They’re ready for GameDay, as well.

17. The 12th-best ranked defense in FBS this year?  It’s Kentucky’s opponent this week – Western Kentucky.

18. Florida Atlantic will collect $1 million for playing Georgia this weekend - that’s the most that Georgia has ever paid an opponent.

19. Georgia unveiled a four-wide receiver spread against Missouri – “it could be a staple.”

20. Does Mizzou have SEC speed? Georgia coach Mark Richt: “They move extremely well. … There’s not a fat guy on the team.”

21.  Hundreds of fake tickets apparently floating around the Mizzou-Georgia game on Saturday.

22. Struggling South Carolina lineman Brandon Shell officially demoted to backup – but his position coach is still optimistic: “He’s going to be a hell of a football player.”

23.  South Carolina and national championship buzz.

SEC/College News

24. Week 3 SEC storylines and predictions from Athlon. 10 things to watch from ESPN.

25. Why Notre Dame passed on the Big 12.

26.  Average attendance numbers for the SEC.

26. Where coaching changes are helping and hurting.


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