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Report: Houston Puts In Highest Bid For “Champions” Bowl

Longtime national sportswriter Mark Blaudschun is reporting on his own blog that Houston — not Arlington, not New Orleans, not Atlanta — has offered up the biggest pile of cash for the right to host the SEC/Big XII’s new “Champions” Bowl. 

Unfortunately, there are still a lot more unknowns than knowns when it comes to the leagues’ new game, which will kick off at the end of the 2014 season.  Will the game be played in one city each year taking on the name of that city’s bowl?  Will the “Champions” Bowl rotate between cities as was once expected when the game was first announced pre-playoffs.  Now with a playoff on the horizon, will there be a way to lock in a bowl rotation for the “Champions” Bowl inside the overall rotation of games hosting the semifinals and finals?

Blaudschun cites “source familiar with the bidding process” as saying that Houston, Dallas (Arlington), and New Orleans made the three highest bids overall.  Atlanta and San Antonio had also planned to put in bids, but — apparently — their bids were lower.  At least according to Blaudschun.

As we’ve stated before, until the details of the playoff are worked out, it’s going to be difficult for the SEC and Big XII to move forward with their own plans for the “Champions” Bowl.  And either way, the new set-up will wind up being more convoluted and confusing for fans than the old BCS means of selecting teams and games.



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John Bragg
John Bragg

This article is really shaky.  The headline said that Houston had the highest bid, but the article didn't say that, just that Houston, Dallas and New Orleans were the three highest.  

JerseyGuy is also talking about a rotation for the Champions Bowl, and might be confusing it with the rotation for the semifinals.  


That said, I believe that Houston will put up the most money.  "Champions Bowl at JerryWorld" would do more total revenue, but Jerry & Co are comparing that to the revenue they get from being an Access Bowl.  Houston is either going to land the Champions Bowl, and be one of the top 5 revenue games of the year, or be the Houston Meineke Car Care Bowl.  


Lets say Champions Bowl tickets average $500 each, Cotton Bowl tickets $400 each, and Houston Bowl tickets $100 each.  

Champions Bowl @ JErryWorld:  110,000 x $500 = $55,000,000

Cotton Bowl @ JerryWorld:  110,000 x $400 = $44,000,000.  So upgrading from Cotton Bowl to Champions Bowl is worth $11M.


Champions Bowl @ Reliant Stadium:  70,000 x $500 = $35,000,000

Houston Bowl @ Reliant Stadium:  70,000 x $100 = $7,000,000.  So upgrading from the Meineke Bowl to the Champions Bowl is worth $28M.  


Everything has a price tag that makes it not worth it.  The Cotton Bowl committee hits that point way before the Houston group does. 



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