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Hogs’ Wilson Talks About His Controversial Comments After Saturday’s Loss

Last Saturday, one-time Heisman-hopeful Tyler Wilson was forced to watch from the sideline as his Arkansas squad battled Alabama without him.  The concussed QB saw a 52-0 beatdown of his fellow Hogs and — from what he said afterward — he didn’t see quite as much battling as he would have liked.

After the contest, Wilson went so far as to say that Arkansas’ players “at times, gave up.”  Interim coach John L. Smith quickly moved past that remark and praised Wilson for taking on a leadership role within the team.  Even Arkansas AD Jeff Long praised Wilson’s desire to win on Twitter.  But still, the comments were a bit more controversial than what you normally expect a quarterback to say about his teammates.

For that reason, Wilson tried to explain yesterday what it was he was trying to say on Saturday:


“I was going into that room not to speak to the team, but to speak to the people because I’m an Arkansas kid.  I know how much it means to me growing up, to a lot of you guys in this room, to a lot of the fans in the stands to see that display out there on the field, the product we displayed.  And it’s tough.

And I wanted everybody to know that that is not acceptable here and going forward we are going to do the best we can.  I’m going to do the best I can to keep everybody together and display a much better product out there on the field.”


OK, but that really doesn’t change the fact that some Arkansas players were accused of quitting by Wilson after Saturday’s game.  Was it a case of a 20-something getting caught up in the emotion of the rout and saying something he’d later want to take back?  No doubt in my mind.

But the fact is, the signal-caller called out his teammates.  Now he says he’s going to “do the best I can to keep everybody together” following the Hogs’ 1-2 start.  And Smith yesterday said “I don’t listen to that crap” when asked about fan criticism.

Arkansas has the talent on offense to turn things around if Wilson can be kept upright.  But I’d foam the runways just in case.  This once high-flying program with stratospheric expectations appears to be nosediving following last weekend’s whooping.



There is something missing from this team: Bobby Petrino.  Here's what the A.D. should have said:  "Bobby Petrino's actions were morally repugnant.  But, in all candor, we're sick of being middle of the pack in the SEC and want to win.  So we're keeping him.  That is all."


Most of the team quit. I sat in the rain in the stadium and watched them. Someone needed to call them out, and John L wasn't going to.


I know Wilson's statements may be have been controversial and possibly ill-advised, but they were also incredibly refreshing.  Something is missing with this team.  They DO look like they have given up - both the players and the coaches.  I think I could call as good a plays as they've called, and the players looks soft... really soft.  Anyway, it was nice to hear someone actually mention the elephant in the room.  A 20-something should not have to do it but I've given up hope that the 60-something is ever gonna say anything satisfying!


I have yet to see an Arkansas player dispute or call out his QB, unless I've missed it. Couldn't this be an example of the media overhyping this? Doesn't seem like the players mind it that much.


I know it could be an indicator of a team falling apart, but that's only COULD. That seems, to me, like a bit of a stretch from one comment with no followup from anyone else (except JLS endorsing Wilson as the "spokesman" of the Razorbacks). As we say in my field, it's hard to do statistics with a sample size of 1. It's hard to extrapolate doom and gloom from one comment.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



First, Wilson is the one who came out with a second statement trying to explain his first.  And while everyone commenting seems to think I'm coming down on Wilson, I'm simply pointing out that it's unusual for a QB to call out his teammates for quitting.


Also, if you read the piece, you see that I list three things as indicators -- in my opinion -- of a team falling apart:



1.  Wilson called out his teammates and tried to walk the statement back.


2.  Wilson said he would do the best he could "to keep everyone together," which by default suggest there's some fracturing going on.


3.  The coach just said of fan complaints: "I don't listen to that crap."



In my field -- and I've been in it for 20 years -- when you start hearing comments like those, a team is in turmoil.  As noted, they may turn things around.  And if they do I'll be hear to state that Wilson's speech might be akin to the Tebow Promise at Florida.  And that Smith's done a great job.


I simply make observations and give you my views on things as they occur.  And right now, those three comments suggest to me that Arkansas is at a tipping point.


Thanks for reading,



The blame goes on the coaching staff, not the players. Those coaches are proving they can't prepare, can't adjust, can't teach and can't motivate.  It's going to be a long year.


I don't blame Tyler Wilson for being upset. He could be in the NFL right now.  He came back to try to improve on last year and even compete for a national championship.  The so-called "adults" (I'm looking at you, too, BMFP) let the team down.

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