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Florida’s Second Half Rally Spoils Aggies SEC Debut, Georgia’s Second Half Crushes Mizzou

Florida 20 – Texas A&M 17

1. Gators grind it out at Kyle Field.  Will Muschamp: “We’re going to have a lot of games like this. It’s who we are.”

2. Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel completes 13-of-16 for 162 yards.

3. “It’s progress when the Twitterverse isn’t calling for Ron Zook to replace Muschamp only two games into the season.”

4. Texas A&M lost five second-half leads last year – do it again to open 2012. Texas A&M linebacker Sean Porter: “You shouldn’t lose games because of mental mistakes.”

5. Aggies defensive line sacked Florida QB Driskel eight times Saturday. 

Florida – Texas A&M Video Highlights

Georgia 41 – Missouri 20

6. 24-0 second-half run for the Bulldogs turns a close game into a blowout. Gary Pinkel: ”You can’t make the kind of mistakes we made in a game like that and survive.”

7. With an interception and then forcing a fumble, star Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones was a difference maker.

8. “Old man” football?  Georgia wide receiver Marlon Brown: “It definitely made us mad.”

9. Result -“grown-man” football.”

10. “(W)hat happens when the defense isn’t there to save the day?”

Georgia-Mizzou Video Highlights



Overall, I was pretty pleased that my Tigers played hard for most of the game.  The final score was ugly, but that doesn't tell the story of how close this game was for 3.5 quarters.  I was really happy with our defense for the most part.  They didn't get bullied around like I was worried they would, and did a decent job getting pressure on the qb and stopping the run "for the most part".  I put at least 17 of the 41 points UGA scored on our offense/special teams (2 turn overs inside the 10 and a idiotic failed fake punt).  The offense played well for 2 quarters (2nd and 3rd).  They let their nerves get the better of them in the 1st (as did UGA), and had an abysmal final 8 minutes.  I'm really disappointed in Franklin in that he seemed to fold under the pressure once we were down.  I'm hoping he will get a lot better as the season progresses.  Do keep in mind that he missed a LOT of practice in the off season due to shoulder surgery.  I was happy to see that despite taking a pounding, he didn't seem the worse for wear (does need to buckle his damn helmet a little tighter though).


As for UGA, I think they may be the real deal this year.  Not just because they beat Mizzou on the road (they were supposed to win)... but because they look like a complete team, especially once their suspended starters get back.  They have a tough SEC style defense... have a strong running game... and also a very solid QB.  Once the nerves settled down, Murray was clutch. 


I hope the MANY UGA fans that attended the game had a good time and that you found Mizzou fans/Columbia very hospitable.  I wasn't able to attend this game, but from what I've heard from friends and on the local message boards... the UGA fans seemed like good people.  Hopefully some of you were able to visit my home town (KC) on Sunday to watch your Atlanta Falcons throttle my KC Chiefs. 


Both Florida and Georgia adjusted real well to the "hurry up" offenses characteristic of the Big 12; call an injury time out for a cramp giving time to rest and get set so you're not caught off balance...thus disrupting A&M and Mizzou's rhythm...


Mizzou played a good game. A lot closer than the score. Maybe next game Mizzou players won't run off at the lip before playing another SEC team. While a lot of people will say "yeah A&M blew another lead", that young team will only get better. Did anyone notice how good their Qb played for his first game?

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