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AU’s Frazier Knows Why Fans Aren’t Happy

Sophomore quarterback Kiehl Frazier has gotten off to a rocky start as Auburn’s start this year.  He currently ranks as one the five worst passers in the nation in terms of passer rating.  Even his coach, Gene Chizik, said this week: “He’s go to get back there, he’s got to set his feet, he’s go to make a decision, throw the ball.”

Frazier’s unease in the pocket and his inaccuracy when he does throw the ball has naturally earned the signal-caller quite a bit of grief from fans.  He says he understands it:


“I don’t really take it personally.  Winning, that’s the expectation at Auburn.  And if you don’t do that, people will be talking about it…

I probably got rushed to where I needed to scramble only three times in the last four games.  (I’ve got to get better) at going through my first, second, third, fourth progression, and not just stopping at two, but going through the progression before making a decision to use my legs.”


The concern for Tiger fans is that previous offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn clearly had no faith in Frazier as a passer.  Now Scot Loeffler is on the scene — with a brand new system — and he’s not having much luck with Frazier’s ability to read a defense and accurately throw the ball, either.

Instead of saying, “Well, he’s only started four games,” it’s beginning to look more and more like, “Well, he’s had two year and two coaches.”  Having two different coaches and systems could be part of the problem, of course.

Either way, Frazier isn’t letting his poor start impact his confidence.  “The next four games, I won’t have seven picks,” he said yesterday.  “That’s for sure.”

He’d better hope not… or else Clint Moseley (when his shoulder is healed up) or freshman Jonathan Wallace (in the Wildcat) will start taking more and more game snaps away from him.


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