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The 7-On-7 Coach Of AU’s Robinson Questioned By NCAA

Late last week, word broke that Auburn freshman running back Jovon Robinson had been pulled from practice pending an investigation into his high school transcript.  A guidance counselor at Wooddale High in Memphis resigned after admitting to doctoring the young man’s records.

Early this week, it became known that the NCAA is focusing in on the city of Memphis and the recruiting — much of it rumored to be filthy — that goes on there.

Yesterday, in a totally unrelated matter, we told you that while college basketball coaches decry the influence of many AAU programs on recruits, college football has a growing issue with 7-on-7 tournaments on its hands.

Now, everything seems to be coming together in a brand new story.

According to The Memphis Commercial-Appeal, the NCAA questioned Byron De’Vinner of Nashville who coached Robinson over the summer.  De’Vinner told the paper:


“It wasn’t about Jovon Robinson in particular.  It was basically just asking questions about how are 7-0n-7s run, things in those nature…

They were asking about different players, coaches and different practices, because I’ve been around the recruiting process a while and what not.  And the 7-on-7, that was something they discussed.”


So was this interview simply tied to Memphis and 7-on-7s or is Robinson at the crux of all these talks?  De’Vinner can say Robinson wasn’t the focus “in particular,” but only he and the NCAA investigators know what was asked behind closed doors.

For Auburn fans, the more questions that pop up about and around Robinson, the more worrisome this issue becomes.  Don’t get me wrong.  No one is suggesting the AU staff did anything wrong here.  But where there’s smoke, there’s often fire — Cam Newton’s case being the exception to the rule — and there seems to be a bit more smoke surrounding Robinson, his contacts, and his background every couple of days.

Robinson was expected to become AU’s #3 running back this fall before being sidelined due to the transcript issue.



Living in the memphis area i can assure you, from local, staete and federal politicans the entire city is corrupt/crooked....the schools are an embarrasement to the state...recuriting in the area for footballs, basketball etc is risky...grade changing, pay for play has been going on longer than anyone one cares to admit and that includes several high schools coaches!


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