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SEC Headlines – 8/1/12

It’s going to be a quick day at the site for three reasons today.  First, I’m writing a longer piece that will go up tomorrow (most likely).  Second, I’m doing a few radio and podcast interviews today.  Third, it’s the one-year anniversary of my cancer surgery and I don’t intend to spend the day typing for hours on this site.

That said, let me also take this moment to encourage you fellas out there to see your doctor, get a prostate exam — it’s 20 seconds of discomfort — and ask your doc about a PSA test — which is simply a blood test.

A group that previously came out and said women shouldn’t get mammographies has recently come out against PSA tests as well.  That groups has caused some to think twice about getting tested.  As someone who had a cancer spreading so quickly that I was given just one or two years to live, I can tell you that my PSA test flat-out saved my life.  And getting the disease at 40, I can also tell you that it’s not just something to have checked when you’re 50 or 60.

If you like this site, do me a favor and ask your doctor about a prostate exam and PSA test.  By speaking about my condition, I know of two men who’ve taken my advice, followed up with testing, found cancer and licked it.  Odds are you will not be #3… but be smart and see your doctor anyway.  Again, those of you who like the site, well, I want to keep you folks around!

Now, onto the headlines:


1.  The AP has published its 2012 SEC preview.

2.  Here are five headlines to watch as Florida prepares for fall camp.

3.  Turns out, Georgia told Penn State it would be contacting 19 Nittany Lion players before Mark Richt abruptly changed his mind.  (Or was told to change his mind.  Or found that the 19 PSU players weren’t interested.)

4.  UGA had 105 players report for practice yesterday… but only 76 of those players are on scholarship.

5.  This writer says it’s time Kentucky fans give AD Mitch Barnhart a break.  (ADs never get breaks.  They’re almost always the most unpopular guy in town.)

6.  Dick Vitale has praise for John Calipari, baby!

7.  The SEC made a snap decision to tweak this year’s in-conference basketball schedule and Tennessee has now opened up about who they’ll face twice per year this winter.  (No schools’ permanent rivals have been changed, by the way.)

8.  Vanderbilt has inked a new deal with WLAC-AM 1510 in Nashville which should help boom their football and basketball game further across the region.

9.  Suspended Auburn quarterback Zeke Pike is still at home in Kentucky and won’t be around for the start of the Tigers’ fall camp.

10.  Standard stuff: Alabama is trying to focus on the future, not the past.

11.  Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson and Knile Davis whipped a number of ESPN employees in flag football last week.

12.  Rob Bolden may be transferring to LSU, but most folks don’t expect anything close to a quarterback controversy in Baton Rouge.

13.  At Mississippi State, all eyes are on quarterback Tyler Russell.

14.  Hugh Freeze has a lot to worry about at Ole Miss.

15.  Texas A&M’s offensive line had better be improved this season.

16.  And just because a few of you have ordered me to stop mentioning the many facets of the NCAA/Penn State situation — which will come back to bite another school at some point — here’ something else to stew over:  A blog run by attorneys has looked at the Freeh report and determined that the case against Joe Paterno is “weak to non-existent.”

17.  And then they answered some of their critics here.  An interesting pair of reads for those on both sides of this issue.  (If you have an open mind and are okay with calm, cool, rational, debate.  If not, it’s the devil’s work.)




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