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SEC Coaches Dish Dirt On Their Rivals, Anonymously

Every August, the good folks over at Athlon Sports toss together a preview of the upcoming SEC season using quotes — anonymous quotes — from the SEC’s own coaches.  It’s a nifty little feature (assuming you’re not a conspiracy theorist who believes any negative quotes about his own school to be made up).

You can read the full feature right here, but below we’ll deliver one comment per school that stood out to us…


Alabama: “The quarterback (AJ McCarron) was underrated. Their receivers were underrated. Those guys made plays for the quarterback when they needed to make plays.”


Arkansas:  “(Tyler) Wilson gets beat up a lot. They have a lot of five-man protection packages where they are getting people out in routes quickly, and he recognizes that he has to get the ball off, and he knows that he is going to get hit. That being said, I don’t think they have an upper-level offensive line. That is one area on offense that can get better.”


Auburn:  “I don’t know about the quarterback situation. I guess they don’t either. That’s never a good thing.”


Florida:  “They were maybe the fastest team that we played against, but I did not think they were tough, and I think there were some issues between some players and coaches on the offensive side of the ball.”


Georgia:  “If you look up quarterback in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Aaron Murray. He has nice composure, good leadership and a good handle of what they want to do. They might not be as sophisticated on offense as a team like Arkansas, but Murray knows what they want. He is a winner and has all the intangibles. From their perspective, the one thing I think they would say is that he has to cut down on his interceptions. He had some bad interceptions last year.”


Kentucky:  “I don’t think Maxwell Smith is going to be the answer long term for them at quarterback. He came in and gave them a spark late in the year, but he is not a guy who is going to be a top-flight quarterback in this league.”


LSU:  “I’ve heard good things about Zach Mettenberger. He’s a big kid who can make all of the throws. If he settles in, watch out. If that team gets really good play from the quarterback position, I’m not sure anyone can beat them.”


Mississippi State:  “I’d say they’re a spread version of Georgia Tech, and that’s what they try to do. They try to run the ball. (Dan Mullen) might not have all the speed guys on the edge, like he did when he was at Florida working for Urban Meyer, but they are trying to do a lot of the same stuff. Once they get the players that fit their system completely, they could be dangerous, like Florida used to be.”


Missouri:  “The Tigers have had some nice teams in the past, but I’m not so sure ‘nice teams’ will cut it in the SEC. I think Missouri is going to experience some serious problems competing in their first year in the SEC. The offense will give them a chance to be fairly successful, but I don’t think they’ll be physical enough on defense.”


Ole Miss:  “They are near the bottom of the league from a talent standpoint. They’ve got to recruit better players.”


South Carolina:  “When you play South Carolina, you have to stop 21 (Marcus Lattimore). Their gameplan was to turn and hand the ball to him. So from a scheme perspective, they weren’t that hard to defend.”


Tennessee:  “When they played hard they were good. But there were times when they just did not play hard. You can see that on film. When they play fast, they are good. But when they got down, they just shut it down.”


Texas A&M:  “I’m glad Kevin Sumlin finally got a shot at a BCS school. He has proven he can coach, and he’ll win at Texas A&M. Hopefully they’ll be patient with him. He obviously benefitted from having Case Keenum at Houston, but he did a solid job building that program. Now he must build another with a lot tougher degree of difficulty — and a much, much tougher schedule. He’s not in Conference USA anymore. There are no off weeks in the SEC, at least not in conference play. It’s going to be an interesting season in College Station.”


Vanderbilt:  “They have a few guys that can play at the next level. I think until they develop a bigger offensive and defensive line, it’ll be harder to compete with the bigger schools.”




Sounds like Spurrier...he said Mizzou had nice teams in the past; yea...they beat florida when Spurrier was quarterback 20-18 in the 1966 Sugar Bowl and then Mizzou beat his Gamecocks 38-31 in the 2005 Independence bowl...

TheN8tureBoy 1 Like

Is it just me or can you guys picture all of these quotes coming from Steve Spurrier?


too bad for Alabama that all those receivers are gone now. Not to mention, Duron Carter is gone too. Thin at WR, big time!

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