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RB Bourque Leaves UT Over “Broken Promises”

Tennessee fans hoping that four-star signee Davante Bourque might change his mind and return to the Vol football program can forget about that one.  According to Bourque’s father, Kirk Landry, his son will enroll at Pearl River Community College in Poplarville, Mississippi following an abrupt departure from Knoxville last week.  (Think that town was named after the tree… or was that just a twangy way of saying Popularville?)

Over the weekend it was learned — again, through Landry — that Bourque was dealing with homesickness and personal issues involving his girlfriend/mother of his child.  But Landry has since said:


“There were just a lot of broken promises.  You know, he was homesick and they didn’t help it any by not being truthful when they were recruiting him…

But I told him things in life are tough, things in life aren’t going to come easy.  (I told him) people are going to lie to you and such, but you just have to suck it up and take another route to get where you want to get.”


The father didn’t say what he meant by “untruthful,” but one can assume a lack of playing time was probably involved.  Bourque was not expected to earn much on-field duty for the Vols this fall, barring injury.

While it doesn’t make it right that coaches on the recruiting trail often say anything and everything to land a prospect, most top prospects should know by now — with so many stories like this getting media attention — that a promise in January likely won’t mean squat come August.  For that matter, there are no guarantees the coaches making the promises will even be around to keep them when the player arrives on campus.

So as we’ve said a few million times over the past five years — Recruits, pick a school for the school and trust nary a coach’s “word.”

The broken promise part of this equation was not brought up by Tennessee’s Derek Dooley when he was asked about Bourque’s take-off late last week: “I don’t think it has anything to do with us, or us not liking him or him not liking us.  He’s got a lot of personal, family problems that he’s working through.”

Pick your sides, but it sounds like somebody — either a UT coach or Bourque — has done crossed over to that thar Broken Promise Land…


Mark Chesnutt – Broken Promise Land


safety guy
safety guy

This is the same guy that committed to play at Texas A&M, then LSU, then Tennessee.  No surprise he wants to change again. 


With the freshman that Dooley has played the past couple of years I can't see dooley not giving him a shot. Yeah Dooley probably told him he had a shot at playing this year,but who knows the kid might have been thinking that was the case and was not putting in the work needed for that to happen thinking he was automatic.Daddy is going to believe his boy,sounds to me he didn't want to play anyway,but dad is pushing him.Don't want to wear orange from the heart then WE DON'T NEED HIM!!!!


It is almost certain that Bourque was told that he would get a chance to play.  It is equally likely that hearing what he wanted to hear... he assumed that was a promise that he would play.  He was likely told that UT had no starter at RB.  They didn't.  He likely heard, "We want you to come in and be the starter".Some of the practice video released showed the RB"s doing a drill.  Bourque was notably slower and less agile than the rest of the RB's to include the walk ons.Maybe the coaches already saw that the kid was not going to cut it at RB?  Maybe they asked him to look at a different position?

Maybe they just flat out lied telling him that he would be the starter from day 1.  Doubtful but possible.


Mr. Landry should know what "broken promises" are since his son committed to 2 or 3 different schools before signing with UT.  Davante then took his latest "promise" (signed LOI) and left the team after barely a week of fall practice.  I certainly hope Davante finds the right place for him.


I guess a week of Dooley was all that he could stand.  But what promises could Dooley have broken in a week?  We all know he has nothing to offer...right John?  LOL!



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