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Preseason Coaches’ Poll Has LSU, Bama 1-2 Again

Sorry, America.  If the USA Today’s Coaches’ Preseason Poll is correct, the two teams most likely to square off in this year’s BCS Championship Game are LSU and Alabama.  Same as last year.

The poll had LSU eek by Alabama by a total of 1,403 points to 1,399 points.  Southern Cal was third with 1,388 points.

The rankings for the SEC’s schools:


1.  LSU

2.  Alabama

6.  Georgia

9.  South Carolina

10.  Arkansas

23.  Florida

25.  Auburn


Seven of the top 25 teams and five of the top 10 all from one conference?  Toss in the fact that Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Missouri and Tennessee — in that order — also received a few votes and it’s no wonder so many conference commissioners and university presidents want conference championships to play a big role in the soon-to-come college football playoff.  In the current set-up, it’s an SEC world.


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Wow 3 SECW teams in the top 10! And most of the remaining SEC teams ranked or getting votes. Makes one wonder why u would ever have to worry about an SEC team's SOS!

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



Because when a selection committee is picking the field or a playoff starting in 2014 -- and trying to find ways to spread bids to multiple leagues -- they'll not have to use strength of schedule as much as the current BCS system does.  And if an SEC team that fails to win its division has wins over Jackson State, MTSU and South Alabama -- for example -- on its docket, it probably won't get a bid... unlike Alabama which landed in the BCS title game this past year as a division runner-up.


That's why.


Thanks for reading,John 


@John at MrSEC What if said team only has 2 SEC wins in addition to 4 cupcakes? How will the selection committee handle that scenario? When u reach a level to where u start to worry about style wins then it is probably a good idea to add style teams otherwise ensure that u dont spend the holidays bragging about the last win against OMU.

Geoff McDormerrr
Geoff McDormerrr 1 Like

So that ranks Tennessee 11th in the SEC?  And Dooley said the SEC wouldn't have Tennessee to kick around anymore.  


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