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Freeze Says UM’s O-Line Is Making Progress; Mackey Needs To “Get His Act Together”

Yesterday was the first day of two-a-days at Ole Miss and new coach Hugh Freeze had good things to say about his offensive line:


“I know (coach) Matt (Luke) is working extremely hard with them and they are studying a lot of film to find their mistakes and coming out and trying to work on those in individuals and carry that over into the team settings.  There is no doubt they got better, you see the results of us getting more positive yards running the football.”


One of those players doing the running yesterday was converted quarterback Randall Mackey.  Freeze told The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that Mackey could be a valuable asset at running back and at receiver.  “I’ve said from Day One with Randall that if he gets his act together off the field, he fits into what we do, and he can be a very valuable part,” Freeze said.  “Hopefully that will continue the way it’s going right now.”


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The headline is a bit misleading on Mackey but thanks for the news.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator





It's a direct quote and the coach did say he needs to get his act together off the field, so it's really not out of context, either.  But by shortening it, it seems to imply that Mackey must fix things now or else... or that he just screwed up.  


That's the trouble with headlines... you can only fit so much info into them.  I try to avoid this type of thing, but it's not always possible.  (And as was the case here, I sometimes don't even see the issue until someone else points it out.)  


On the positive side, Freeze's full quote is about two inches below the headline.


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