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Ex-Vol Rogers Admits, Yep, It Was Multiple Failed Drug Tests

Oh, Da’Rick, Da’Rick, Da’Rick.

Last week, we reported that after speaking to several people inside the University of Tennessee athletic and main university administration, the story that was given to us most consistently was that the star/troubled ex-receiver Da’Rick Rogers had been indefinitely suspended from UT’s football team for multiple failed drug tests.

A very small minority of folks accused us of making that information up.  But the majority of you trusted us when we suggested two failed tests led to Rogers’ suspension and his departure — because he wasn’t going to sit (and might have had another suspension coming already).

For those few who didn’t believe us, maybe you’ll trust Rogers, who admitted the following while being introduced at Tennessee Tech yesterday:


“There were a couple of drugs tests.  It wasn’t anything too crazy.  It was about me being a young, immature guy, and those are things I’ve got to work on.  I plan to do that.”


Here’s hoping for his sake he does.  But if the past is any indicator, here’s betting he won’t.



Don't really believe you broke that story, but nothing wrong with taking credit for it lol. It is pretty clear that you do have sources inside the program though, which brings me to the question I have. If a coach is trying to keep something in house and their is someone else leaking stuff to media members, how does a coach deal with that? I guess you could say just be up front initially, but thats unlikely. Does he find the leak and get rid of them? Just curious about that and I enjoy your website even if we don't always agree. Thanks!


John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



I didn't say we broke the story.  There were several reporters out with several different stories, in fact.  I believe we mentioned ESPN's report in our initial story and Chris Low had heard the same thing that we'd been told.  We went into a bit further detail in terms of the UT's policy and the official number of failed tests.


Regardless, you can read the comments beneath that story -- or some of the emails I received if I chose to post them -- and you'll find that some claimed I was way off base or making the story up, etc.  I was simply pointing out here that that was NOT the case.  And it won't ever be the case on


We may be wrong from time to time, but we aren't a site that just trolls for pageviews -- unlike a lot of other sites.


As for your question -- Ben Franklin once said, "Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."  People at all schools want to prove to others that they know what's going on.  So they talk.  Some send anonymous tips.  You'd be surprised how many of those that I get from people I track down via reverse email searches.  Lots of folks in lots of athletic departments want their voices heard.


From a football team to the US Government, secrets leak.  Always have, always will.  The motivation could be the aforementioned desire to prove one's knowledge and "connected-ness."  Or someone might not like the way a situation is handled and believe that the truth needs to be known.


At MrSEC, we try to go with sources we trust -- who've proven to be correct in the past -- and luckily, we've not had many that have led us astray.  Probably because we always try to get two or more sources to confirm a story before posting it.


Thanks for reading the site,


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