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Dawg Fans, Meet Uga IX

At Georgia, folks take their mascots pretty seriously.  When an Uga passes, he’s given a funeral — really — a few words are said and he’s laid to rest with several of his famous forebears.  So for those of you new to the conference who might be wondering “Why the hell is he writing about a mascot?” now you know.  It’s big dang doin’s in Athens when a new Uga is named.

All that’s missing is the puff of white smoke from the Vatican chimney.

And today, Georgia has announced a new Uga (he’s the one on the left of the photo).  Russ — a half-brother to Uga VII — has received a “battlefield promotion” and will henceforth be known as Uga IX.  According to UGA president Michael Adams:


“Like many great memorable Bulldogs, Russ has earned the opportunity to serve in this capacity.  I am confident that he will represent the Bulldog Nation very well and continue the grand tradition of Ugas.”


Uga IX, the half-brother of Uga VII, huh?  Sounds a bit like the English monarchy, which is appropriate since Uga is an English bulldog.  But it’s only a matter of time before one of these Ugas wants a divorce and breaks from the Catholic church.  Say, maybe that’s why there’s no puff of Vatican-esque smoke.



Nice houndstooth dress, aren't UGA fans tired of the Tide yet?


So, what happened to UGA VIII? A little palace intrigue at work? Was UGA VIII caught in Las Vegas ina compromising position?


 @MoKelly1 Be nice there Mo, Dawgs are pretty sensitive about UGAl, so would wait until all the facts were in before assuming UGA would be as classless as some inbred descendent of a bunch of German cousins living on tax breaks on a semi barren rock in the North Atlantic.....

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