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Hoops Coaches Believe Most Big-Time AAU Programs Are Tied To Agents (Pay Attention, Football Fans)

This week, the folks at have been running a series of stories tied to the anonymous responses of nearly 100 college basketball coaches to a series of questions regarding their sport.  Yesterday’s piece was a bit of a surprise (a lot of coaches want to shorten the 35-second shot clock.)  Today’s piece?  Not so much.

Asked what percentage of “prominent AAU programs” they believe are “tied to agents,” the coaches responded with an average percentage of 61.  Basketball recruitniks won’t be shocked by that one.  Matter of fact, many might be surprised that coaches believe just 61% of big-time AAU programs are connected to agents.

One coach said, “If 60% of AAU coaches are tied into agents, the other 40 are trying to get tied in.”

So one of things that makes college basketball recruiting shady is AAU basketball.  No gasps, please.

But here’s a little warning for all the football fans out there.  You need to be paying attention to this survey as well.  Instead of AAU programs, football has seen a boom in 7-on-7 camps and tournaments in recent years.  In 2011, the SEC banned those camps from league campuses.  Earlier this year, the NCAA followed suit by barring them from all college campuses.  There was quite a bit of grumbling when those decisions were made and some have since suggested that driving those camps off campus will only result in them becoming dirtier/grimier/seedier.

But those moves — by the SEC and then the NCAA — were made in an attempt to at least try and cut back the growing influence of outside parties on football recruiting.  The same kind of outside influences that college basketball coaches say is already prevalent in their sport.


JB TexasEx
JB TexasEx

Indeed.  The 7 ON 7 summer football programs open things up for agents and their ilk, too.  In TX, high school coaches can observe, but not participate.


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