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UF’s Muschamp Says Mizzou, A&M Questions Are Overblown

Speaking with ESPN, Florida’s Will Muschamp admitted that he was asked the same questions 15 times as he made his was through the SEC Media Days circuit (or circus).  Asked what single question he heard the most, the coach didn’t hesitate:


“Everyone is so curious about how A&M and Missouri will do in our league… they’re gonna do fine.  Gary Pinkel’s done a phenomenal job at Missouri.  They almost played for the national championship three or four years ago.  They do a good job offensively and defensively.  And Kevin Sumlin’s gonna do a great job at A&M.  They do a great job on offense when you look at what they did at Houston and also defensively.  And they’ve got a great recruiting base there in the state of Texas.”


Coach speak?  Possibly.  Lou Holtz-ing two teams on the Gators’ schedule this year?  Maybe.

But the fact of the matter is — and we’ve written this before — both Missouri and Texas A&M are stronger now than Arkansas and South Carolina were when they joined the SEC 20 years ago.  That may not result in immediate success, but the idea that the Tigers and Aggies will flounder at the bottom of their divisions for years to come is silliness spread only by extremists.  And by Kansas and Texas fans.



I agree with you that Kansas fans are quite bitter and predicting Mizzou will do poorly in the SEC. Probably the same with Texas fans regarding A&M. However, isn't that a bad outcome for the Big 12? Shouldn't Kansas and Texas hope Mizzou and A&M win everything in the SEC so they can crow that the Big 12 is better than the SEC? I guess when it comes to bitterness, logic is out the window.


 @MoKelly1 Interesting about Kansas - Mizzou hatred. I try not to classify fans based on the schools they go to, put I have not heard a single Kansas fan / grad give even grudging respect to Mizzou. Could be just me, but that is silly. I for one will miss that match up. One of the really fun games to watch every year (and I did not go to either one of them, but there are some games you just look forward to). Oh well.


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