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Dooley dismissed the Tyler Bray incident as silly and immature, which it was, and said he hoped Tyler had learned from it. I assume that he has learned that he can get away with this type of behavior as long as he is a valuable team player. If there had been real consequences, he might have actually grown as a leader this team so badly needs. To begin with, the apartment complex should have evicted him for vandalizing another tenant's car. Then, Dooley should have offered him a dorm room until he has proven he is responsible enough to live on his own. He should publicly take responsibility, apoligize to both girls, pay for repairs to both cars, and appeal to his friends and fans not to retaliate against the innocent victims. And, he should clean up the stadium after a game. This would teach him some humility, which is an admirable quality in a leader. It would also show him the mess a crowd of drunken fans can make.

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