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Texas A&M And Mississippi State: The SEC’s Olsen Twins

Apparently some folks just can’t tell ‘em apart.  Texas A&M and Mississippi State, that is.

Both wear maroon and white.  Both have new adidas uniforms that feature a stripe (MSU) or two stripes (A&M) running down the sleeves of the jerseys.  Both are located in small, but nice — not an insult — college towns.

Hell, both were once coached by Emory Ballard.

Still it’s a little odd that the SEC’s own shop — — had for sale the hat you see at left.  The one that features A&M’s logo on the front and the word “Bulldogs” on the back.


The SEC claims that someone at the store they use simply clicked the photo of the back of one hat and paired it with the front of another because the colors are so similar.  So apparently you really couldn’t buy an A&M hat with Bulldogs on the back.  If someone receives one in the mail after ordering it, please let us know.

Apparently this was a simple little mistake and hopefully no one’s going to lose their job over it.

Now, even though we drive folks to the SEC’s official website all the time — they’re very nice folks over there, by the way — maybe you should buy your SEC gear through our Shop.  (Boom, quickie plug!)  Go to A&M’s hats on our site and you’ll see a hat with the word “Aggies” on the back.  (Boom, double plug!)



Red Clay rebel
Red Clay rebel

Both had Ballard and Sherill.

Both Agg schools.

Both have "Little brother" complexes.

Both wear marron.

Start a new tradition- the maroon bowl - the loser has to keep wearing maroon.


Both coached by Jackie as well.


Funny. But, in all seriousness, the Mizzou Tiger is the best looking Tiger of all in the SEC.


Actually, MSU's logo features six letters. A giant "M" with the word "State" across it.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



D'oh!  Showing my age.  You are correct, of course, and I've nuked that line from the story.  Good catch.


See why didn't come down to hard on the person who made a quickie error at the SEC's store?  


Thanks for reading,


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