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Spurrier: If You Spent Four Years At Carolina, “You Were A Good, Solid Citizen”

Steve Spurrier might have gotten one of the biggest laughs of the day accidentally.  Talking about improved depth on his squad, Spurrier said:


“That’s right, back when (this year’s veterans) were coming in, we didn’t have many guys here that had been here.  I remember in ’05, ’06, ’07, ’08, somewhere right in there we might have five guys in their fourth year there.  Nobody stuck around much.  If you stuck around four or five years at South Carolina you were really something special.  You were a good, solid citizen.  (Howls of laughter.)  Now we’re actually talking about redshirting guys.”


Spurrier soon after pointed out that Carolina’s team GPA was as good or better than any other football squad’s in the SEC last year.


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