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SEC Headlines – 7/31/12

1. has released its preseason All-SEC team.  (Anyone else not see the point of preseason all-everything teams and preseason award watch lists?  I mean, what if you gave out pre-Academy Awards?  “‘Ishtar’ should be great, why look at that cast!”)

2. Here are five questions facing Alabama in preseason camp.

3.  A well-meaning Bama fan who feels Penn State was unjustly punished by the NCAA is trying to raise cash with an “Elephants for Lions” campaign.  (How ’bout raising money for the hungry or the homeless instead?)

4.  With Mike Dyer gone (from Auburn and from Arkansas State), who’ll step in as Gene Chizik’s top running back?

5.  Arkansas backup quarterback Brandon Mitchell is listed on the Hogs’ basketball roster for 2012-13… Marshawn Powell is “iffy” for the team’s August tour of Italy… and Mike Anderson is still waiting for NCAA clearance for signee Alandise Harris.

6.  Penn State backup quarterback Rob Bolden is still considering a transfer to LSU.

7.  The NCAA has cited Ole Miss for improper phone use.  (Man, I hope that just means they made calls they shouldn’t have made.)

8.  Rebel defensive tackle Woodrow Hamilton is ready for football season.

9.  Mississippi State still has a limited number of season tickets for sale.  (You don’t think home games with Jackson State, South Alabama and MTSU have anything to do with that do you?)

10.  Don’t expect Texas A&M to throw the ball on every down.

11.  Florida’s strength coordinator is looking to improve his players’ endurance for 2012.

12. Georgia’s football team reports for duty tonight.

13.  Dawg basketball player Donte’ Williams says a misdemeanor charge of pot possession against him has been dropped.

14.  A once-bitter Wildcat has reconnected with Kentucky’s football program.  (A very interesting read.)

15.  We usually don’t deal with what happens to former SEC players, but this one’s made national news… Tennessee Titans receiver OJ Murdock apparently committed suicide Monday morning.  He was a member of Steve Spurrier first signing class at South Carolina before being dismissed from the team.

16.  This writer believes Tennessee has the roster to become nationally relevant again.

17.  Missouri offensive tackle Elvis Fisher is back or a sixth season and ready to play.

18.  This writer says rule changes could cause chaos this season.


Jeff Boles
Jeff Boles

If you'll actually read the links you attatch your site you'd see that MSU decided to package un-sold, returned tickets from the away teams to give fans that have bee on a WAITING LIST an opportunity for one off season tickets. Those games will be sell outs just as most every game since the start of the dan mullen era. But hey nice try. Ole Miss on the other hand cant give thier tickets away. But they're a little for of a storied school right. Know your facts before you take pot shots man.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

 @Jeff Boles 


I read it.  And I linked to it for everyone else to read it.  The answer to my question is right there on the other side of the link.  But I'll take pot shots at weak schedules whenever I get a chance.  


Thanks for reading,John 


@John at MrSEC @Jeff Boles What about this subject is not sinking in? Doesnt fit ur agenda? State fans love our schedule and show that love by continuously selling out the stadium? So exactly how is it a schedule problem when jsu returns some of their allotment? Maybe it was auburn fans or utenn fans that returned? Think first then add commet s - otherwise just provide the links and continue to save me the hassle of multiple bookmarks.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

 @Marwinny  @John  @Jeff 


Apparently you don't get the fact that yesterday's headlines from #1 right on down the list had a tongue-in-cheek element to them.  When I'm in a good mood, I try to have a little fun with those and gigs are included.  (And someone from each school always shows they have no sense of humor and complains that I always pick on their school and none others.)


It seem only two people a) didn't get that I like to gig MSU for a weak schedule that Scott Stricklin admitted was necessary for bowl eligibility and b) didn't grasp that the link provided clearly explained where the tickets had come from... and that I provided that link and story for all to read and see.  Hardly trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes with the story right there on my site.


"Otherwise just provide the links and continue to save me the hassle of multiple bookmarks."  Love that line.  Always good when an anonymous reader uses a comment box I provide under a story to TELL me what to do.  Do you do this in your everyday life?  Just walk into a stranger's business and say, "Stock the apples closer to the door!" or "Open at 8:30 instead of 9:00!"


Why don't you send me your name and the address of your work place so I and some of my friends can drop by, stand over your shoulder and tell you how to do your job?  We'll see if that gives you a different perspective.  Or eats away at a bit of your arrogance.


Or you could just start sending our site a check each month, and then you can be the boss of us.  Until then -- with our numbers doubling and tripling on a regular basis -- you're welcome to go ahead and go through the hassle of creating multiple bookmarks.  I don't think will miss you.







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