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SEC Headlines 7/29/2012

1. Similarities between Les Miles and Steve Spurrier? “If you’re wondering if a coach that’s not used to losing can bounce back from the worst defeat of his career, let your mind wander back to 1995 and 1996.

2. Penn State players and possible SEC targets.”Veterans who may be better fits for SEC programs include linebacker Khairi Fortt, defensive end C.J. Olanlyan and defensive tackle Evan Hailes.”

3. The nation’s No. 1 recruit and package deals: “Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze is the only BCS-level coach to have offered a scholarship to the final member of the Grayson Five…”

4. With only 4 of the top 10 rushers returning this year, who is the best running back in the SEC?

5. Ranking SEC receivers – from No. 1 Tennessee to No. 14 Ole Miss.

6. John Adams on the similarities between Tennessee and Ole Miss: “Ole Miss and UT each finished last in its division last season. The most famous quarterback from each school is a Manning. Both programs have employed Ed Orgeron and David Cutcliffe. Both have a huge fan base in Memphis. Both have had three different head coaches since the 2007 season. Both program’s coaches appeared in the “The Blindside.” ”

7. Tennessee coaches are impressed with all the technology built into their new practice facility.

8. Defensive end C.J. Johnson and right tackle Pierce Burton are key players for Ole Miss this fall while wide receiver Donte Moncrief gives the Rebels hope.

9. Wide receivers at LSU may have felt overlooked last year, but that’s about to change.

10. Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin: “Guys, based on every question I got, they don’t think we have any defense. They don’t think our offense will work, and we don’t have a quarterback or kicker. Other than that we have no problem guys.”

11. Why the Aggies should be on upset alert against Ole Miss.

12. Expect a healthy competition for the Kentucky starting quarterback job this fall.

13. “Spending has increased substantially at Arkansas since 2008 – athletics director Jeff Long’s first year on the job – and it isn’t expected to slow down any time soon.”

14. How much impact will new Auburn defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder have on this years’ team?

15. Who will be available in the secondary and some other preseason questions for the Georgia Bulldogs.

16. With a new college football playoff on the way, what’s the future of the state of Florida’s bowl games?

17. Was giving rapper Drake a national championship ring another stroke of genius by John Calipari?

18. Memphis paper gets details on a year’s worth of secondary violations for Ole Miss and Tennessee.

19. When Tennessee and Vanderbilt played basketball this past season, two Tennessee swimmers bet on the game.


20. Will Penn State change its uniforms?

21. Heckled by fans - welcome to New York, Tim Tebow.



If Coach Dooley is willing to joke about his starting QB behaving like a punk then he is not the man for the job. At what point do we as UT fans no longer need to wait to see how many wins a coach has before we can decide that he is not a leader?  The AD at UT should step in and suspend both Dooley and Bray for the first quarter of the first game. We are tired of these "men" embarrassing the Vol Nation with their behavior. Coach Dooley does not have the balls to be the head coach. The culture will change when  we get  true leadership on the campus. Not just the Coach and players but the AD and President. I was unlucky to have spent time on the AG campus while DiPeitro was in charge. He had a reputation as being a glad handing, ass kissing, wanna be politician and the only way he was voted in as President is because the Board of Trustees is a group of "appointed" leaders. It is all politics and not education or leadership. Start with making the Board of Trustees an elected position and make their votes public. They can hide behind a cloud of anonymity and play buddy-buddy political games that hurt the UT system. I would also disagree that fans would not support a change in culture if it affected success within athletics. The fans of Tennessee sports want true student/athletes that work hard and give the effort deserving of the uniform. We would more readily support hard work over these young men acting like punks and making ESPN for the wrong reasons. The whole off season we watched ESPN  where UT was on the losing end of highlight clips and all most all had to do with a lack of effort. It's clear that these young men don't have the "intestinal fortitude" to represent UT. We must accept that these boys are just that,immature boys, but we do not have to accept the same from the head coach or AD. Derek Dooley is weak. He is not a leader. Even with more wins in football this year, the program will still be in the same shape. Let's hope that we are still experiencing a "hangover" from the Kiffin fiasco. Perhaps we still have Kiffinesque players that we will be leaving soon and opening the door for a different breed of player.


As an Alabama fan I would like to see Dooley stay in Knoxville as long as possible.  What I don't want to see is a  real coach like Patrino come in.  Tennessee could be living in the bottom half of the East for years to come or they could be winning SEC championshps and competing for national championships.  It'll be interesting to see.

Joey Zaza
Joey Zaza

Mr. SEC:  Don Calipari, you are a man of finance and politics. These things I don't understand.


Don Calipari:  You understand guns?


Mr. SEC: Yes.


Don Calipari:  Winning a national championship is a gun. Politics is knowing when to give a ring to a rapper.

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