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SEC Headlines – 7/27/12

Okay, folks… back from my brief time off, but only for the sake of headlines (and maybe one other post).  Next week we’ll get back into the swing of things, but with perhaps a little bit different way of delivering content.  You’ll still get a grip on everything that goes on around the conference, but we may write fewer of the small opinion pieces and more long-form posts.  Heck, if we carry through with that, I might even have time to proofread!

If all goes to plan — and it’s hard for me to force myself to write less, which is why The Sporting News once called the site “prolific” in its output — it’ll mean simply that the site will be just a little bit different.  Sort of like when the “evil” Michael Knight showed up on “Knight Rider.”

That said, here are your Friday headlines.  We’ll do ‘em in two waves ’cause I’ve got to go meet a notary.  (Note to self: Become own notary.)  We’ll also start with SEC troubles and woes and hopefully end with some happier news…


1.  John L. Smith said yesterday that three Arkansas players arrested for burglary in May will not be part of his football team this year.

2.  Linebacker Vin Ascolese is still waiting for the NCAA clearinghouse to give him the OK to suit up for the Hogs this year.

3.  Speaking to a Tennessee booster group yesterday, Derek Dooley said that quarterback Tyler Bray’s accuracy “isn’t where it needs to be… he missed the trash can” when throwing beer bottles off a balcony earlier this week.  (Dooley also claimed to be taking the matter “seriously.”)

4. is the latest website to say Dooley is facing a make or break season.

5.  A Pittsburgh sports agent — angry about Penn State’s situation — somehow ties Nick Saban to the story, claims he’s got “enough on Saban right now” to get Alabama’s coach into trouble, and then sorta/kinda apologizes.  (Maybe he does have some dirt, but he sounds as daffy about Saban as Danny Sheridan did about Cam Newton and “the bag man.”  In other words, put up or shut up.)

6.  Auburn is apparently chasing Penn State junior linebacker Khairi Fortt.

7.  According to Les Miles, LSU soccer star and former homecoming queen Mo Isom faces a tough task landing a spot on the Tigers’ roster this fall.

8.  If there have been any talks about moving Texas A&M to the end of LSU’s schedule instead of Arkansas… Razorback AD Jeff Long hasn’t been involved in them.  (He also said that while he wants to protect that tradition, anything’s possible.)

9.  Mississippi State kept things simple with its new football uniforms.  (The jerseys will have a shoulder stripe that’s comparable to what adidas designed for Texas A&M.)

10.  Both State and Ole Miss will play some hoops in Hawaii this fall.

11.  Texas A&M boasts 30 NFL players and two NFL head coaches among its alums.

12.  New Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease says he’s got two good quarterbacks he “can with with.”

13.  Secondary coach Scott Lakatos thinks receiver-turned-DB Malcolm Mitchell is already Georgia’s best corner.

14.  Ticket sales for Kentucky football are down a whopping 27% this year.  (That won’t help Joker Phillips’ cause.)

15.  Expectations are high at South Carolina after the school’s first-ever 11-win season.

16.  Football tickets are on sale today at Missouri.

17.  A number of SEC basketball coaches will take part in a roundtable discussion and Kentucky’s John Calipari will be profiled on ESPNU tonight.

18.  So much for Jim Delany’s holier-than-thou Big Ten.


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Eric B
Eric B

Actually you have it backwards . . . Michael Knight was the "good Garth Knight."  Garth was Wilton Knight's son, and after Michael Long was shot Wilton had his face surgically constructed to look like Garth, which is Michael Knight's origin story.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

Eric B...


Wow.  That is either the most impressive... or the most frightening thing I've ever read. 


I'd completely forgotten that it was titled "Knight Rider," not "Night Rider."


A tip of the cap to your geekdom.  I've been one-upped.


And many thanks for reading the site,



Does this mean you're growing out your mustache and soul patch John?

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



Sadly, the older I get the more calico my beard becomes -- black, brown, red, yellow and white.  So I'll do the swashbuckler look only after I go the "Just For Men" route. 


Thanks for reading,



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