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SEC Headlines 7/14/2012

1. From baseball coach to A.D., South Carolina’s Ray Tanner will get a $675,000 salary in his new role. A triple whammy for the Gamecocks.

2. USC President Dr. Harris Pastides: “Sometimes you can search the world over for the perfect candidate and at times you know you have the right leader within your organization.”

3. Jon Solomon: “Don’t kid yourself. Penn State football isn’t the only program deemed too big to fail.”

4. What does the Georgia backfield look like now minus Isaiah Crowell?

5. Georgia freshman Josh Harvey-Clemons compared to Alec Ogletree – could make “immediate impact” . So could freshman lineman John Theus while the Georgia offense will miss wide receiver turned cornerback convert Malcolm Mitchell.

6. A second member of Georgia’s signing class has failed to qualify academically.

7. Georgia vs. South Carolina – why it’s an even bigger game this year.

8. The Game- Saturday, November 3rd at Tiger Stadium.   War of words has already started.

9. Arkansas backup QB Brandon Mitchell could see some time at wide receiver this fall.

10. Why Arkansas starting quarterback Tyler Wilson is a premier player in the SEC. He’s looking forward to this fall:  ”We had everybody stick around. We didn’t have any transfers, the coaching staff remains in tact, and I think people are very comfortable.”

11. Wilson is attending the Manning Passing Academy, where LSU QB Zach Mettenberger is drawing plenty of attention.

12. Don’t confuse a football camp with what a player can actually do in a game.

13. Alabama looks to be “rock-solid on the offensive line.”

14. Different story at Auburn where departing seniors mean freshmen have to make an immediate impact.

15. A video game simulation of the 2012 college football season – Texas A&M loses “at least four” games.

16. “Personal issues” impact the offseason work of two Tennessee players.

17. What defensive back Senquez Golson means for Ole Miss this fall.

18. Ole Miss and Memphis to resume football series?

19. The Kentucky-Kansas NCAA Championship Game was the 15th most watched sporting event of the past year.

20. No “home game” for Kentucky in Louisville for the first time in 54 years.

21. Blake Griffin’s injury means former Kentucky star Anthony Davis is now on the Olympic basketball team.

22. College basketball coaches now get an April recruiting period.  What does that extra time mean? ”I saw Jason Kidd play three times in high school,” Louisville coach Rick Pitino said. “I didn’t like him at all. The next two times, my mouth was open and I would kill for him.

23. NCAA stats show about 40% of all Division I basketball players transfer at some point.


24. The locker room and shower at Penn State where boys were abused will be remodeled.

25. Ten biggest scandals in NCAA history.

25. The NFL is going to put high-tech sensors into players’ helmets.

26. R.I.P. Norman Sas – inventor of electric football.


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Too big to fail? I think I will wretch if I hear that one more time.


PSU's football program simply needs to be given the death penalty, period. The NCAA should not turn the other way or play Pilate and wash their hands of this travesty. Will it be tough? No tougher than what befell SMU. Do they deserve it? Absolutely. If they do not act swiftly why should we hold the NCAA in any less contempt than we hold the PSU adminisration? Yes, let this be a warning to everyone that this type of "management" or lack of oversight" will not be tolerated. Regardless of whether other institutions may also be guilty of this or similarly grievous infractions, they should pay the price...maybe if we once again held those in authority to a higher standard than the basest, lowest common denominator that we have let this devolve into, we wouldn't be discussing this 14 years later.


If I were a Penn State Alumnus I'd demand it or they would never receive another red cent. Will anyone stand up and say enough?  In this era of situational ethics reigns supreme I am sure they will indeed be deemed "too big to fail." If so, I hope no SEC school would ever schedule them again.

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