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Saban Blasts Those Who Push For Champs Only In Playoffs

We know that the new college football playoff won’t be a champions-only affair.  We know that conference championships will, however, be a part of the criteria selection committee members will look at.

We also know that Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is pushing for more weight to be given to conference winners, though he says he was never in favor of a champs-only model.

Well, here’s what Nick Saban had to say about the idea of a champs-only playoff structure… and those people pushing for a heavy emphasis on conference titles:


“(In basketball) Kentucky and North Carolina play a basketball game and one of them loses, but everybody wants to see Kentucky and North Carolina play in the championship game.  You know in the NFL you lose, you might not even win your division, you might be a wild card team, you still get in the playoffs and you still have a chance to win the Super Bowl.  So you still have to play your way to win…

I think, to be quite honest with you, whoever’s making the statement about conference champions is really making a statement against the SEC and against any league who has more than one good team who would qualify… trying to enhance the opportunity for someone from their league to get in.”


Ya think Saban liked Delany’s quote from earlier this year that he wouldn’t have much “regard” for a team that didn’t win its own division?

The trouble is — and we’ve been saying this for a while — if the selection committee has representatives from every league on an equal basis it’s probably not a good thing for the SEC because league reps will want to spread the wealth and let in four teams from four different leagues whenever possible.

Get ready for it.



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