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LSU’s Miles At The Podium – 7/18/12

Finally, the end of a long, long day of listening to jibber-jabber.  It’s really sort of funny when you think about it.  All this stuff could be shared on a conference call.  So SEC Media Days is really just a three-day promotional push for the league.  And every year it just gets bigger and bigger.  It’s brilliant on the SEC’s part — right down to handing out press credentials like candy — but it’s totally unnecessary.

All that said, Les Miles is on the clock next and we’ll see just how many “Milesisms” he shares as he has to talk about an SEC Championship season… that actually left a bad taste in Tiger fans’ mouths.

* First note… Miles is late.  He’s always late.  Every year.  The SEC really, really needs to keep things on the clock.  Everybody gets X amount of time with coaches and players.  Period.  End of the day.  Note to the league — fix that.

* Miles opened with a talk about how he spent his summer.  Watching baseball, Olympic swimming trials, etc.  Really.

* The coach is talking up the league, his school.  Same as every other coach.  (Come to think of it, no one would waste time on a conference call asking about such things.)

* Finally to football, he says quarterback Zach Mettenberger has talent and he’s already taking a leadership role.

* Expects less quarterback runs and more deep throws from his offense this year.

* Miles says he wants to see two running backs move to the forefront of his rotation.

* The coach says he’s watched the BCS Championship Game a couple of times.  “There weren’t that many plays for our offense” so it didn’t take much time to watch.

* Asked what happened in the BCS title game, he said “We played our 14th game and we didn’t play as well in the first 13.”  He moved forward and said there were lessons learned and things that can be approved of.

* “No game is won on a Twitter page, it’s a nice pleasant pastime, very much like Media Days,” Miles said when asked about Tyrann Mathieu’s proclivity to tweet boastful statements.

* We’re having some technical issues, so I’m going to end this live blog early.  My apologies.


Our overall grade for Miles’ “performance” based on comfort, friendliness, openness… we’ll give him a 5.  And I realize I’m being much easier this year in these grades.  But Miles dealt with the questions asked of him.  He danced around one — whether he called Mark Richt for his opinion before inking Zach Mettenberger — but everything else was pretty straight-forward.  Typical Miles.



If it’s totally unnecessary then why on earth are you there?


No offense, but who really cares how a coach does at a lectern?  Saban couldn't crack a joke if someone put a gun to his head, but everyone could care less.    Plus, we can all watch this on TV anyway. 

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



Not everyone can watch it on tv.  Some people are at work and have to read about things on the sly.


Also, what does it to talk about a coach's delivery and demeanor?  Some sites are comparing how coaches are dressed.  Just something we're throwing in.  Obviously, some folks want to get our opinions on the coaches' comments as they happen because every year our servers get bigger... yet every year they get swamped during Media Days.


No offense.



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