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Big Ten’s Delany Wants The Power To Fire Coaches. What?

Stealing the SEC’s thunder today, a report from The Chronicle of Higher Education states that Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany  is apparently angling for the power to fire coaches.  Yep, the employees of member institutions could be nixed by the commish himself if a proposal the league “is mulling” comes to fruition.

The idea is for Delany to have the power “to penalize individual members of an institution, should their actions significantly harm the league’s reputation.”

Penalize?  Fine.  Fire?  That’s nuts.  Even in light of Joe Paterno’s situation at Penn State.

Mike Slive suspended Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl for eight games in 2011 after he was caught lying to the NCAA.  Most outside the Volunteer State saw that move for what it was — an attempt by Slive to help fend off further NCAA sanctions for an SEC program/coach.  But to think that Slive could have fired Pearl or any other SEC coach?  That’s madness.

Leave it to Delany to “mull” such a move.  And remember, this is the same man who helped convince the NCAA to keep five Ohio State players eligible for their Sugar Bowl date despite the fact that their guilt was already known.

So maybe there needs to be a commish above the commish who can fire the commish when his actions “significantly harm the league’s reputation.”

Whoda thunk it?  The wildest story of the day didn’t come from SEC Media Days.



Why not just get rid of college affilliation with sports and start a farm team system run by bureaucrats? Makes you happier every day you wake up and we have Slive.....

viciousdawg 1 Like

Be Happy Mizzou fans. This could have been your commish if they had allowed you in the B1G


MoKelly1 1 Like

Couldn't be happier. We are now living the dream scenario. But, for the record, I never wanted any part of the Big 10. Never liked that Conference and never will. Personally, I'd have stayed in the Big 12 vs. go to the Big 10. Who wants to go to Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin in the winter for football games when you can go to Arkansas, Florida and South Carolina?


This guy seems to be over-the-top in his quest for power. I cannot image for one second that University presidents and Boards would accept that idea. He seems to think he is teh Commissioner Of Baseball all of a sudden.


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