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Slive Weighs In On Expansion And Realignment

SEC commissioner Mike Slive and his fellow presidents have been beating one drum for months now… and those drums only got louder after last week’s SEC Meetings.  “We ain’t lookin’ to expand.”  (Standard caveat: Unless all hell breaks loose everywhere else.)

Well, Slive spoke with about expansion and further conference realignment — earlier this spring — and, yes, his message to them was the same he’s repeated since.

Asked if all the conference shifting is good for college sports, Slive said:


“Whether it’s good or not good I think will be something we’ll be able to judge in the future.  Is it good for the SEC?  I think it will be very good for the SEC. Is it good for college sports?  I think it might.  The question of rivalries is always underlying these questions.  We would love Kansas to play Missouri and Missouri would like to play Kansas.  It’s not the SEC or Missouri that’s not making that happen.  We would like A&M to play Texas.  It’s not the SEC or A&M.  It’s Texas that says they don’t want to play A&M.”


As to whether or not the league is finished adding now that it’s hit the number 14:


“I still view 14 as an extension of 12.  Going beyond 14 is no longer an extension of 12.  Maybe the Pac-12 and Big Ten scheduling alliance may be their way of answering that question.  I can only speak for us. I think it’s going to take us some time to absorb these two institutions.  At this point, I don’t see us adding more.  We’ve never been trying to get 14 so I don’t see us necessarily trying to get to 16.”


Feel free to insert snarky “16 is an extension of 14″ comment here.

Yesterday, rumors hit Twitter and messageboards that big athletic news could/might/maybe come out of Tallahassee this weekend.  But Big 12 officials continue to say they’re happy at 10 and that they haven’t had any talks with Florida State.

Sure.  Just don’t be surprised to hear someone in Dallas say at some point: “12 is just an extension of 10.”


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