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SEC Headlines – 6/27/12

1.  The Football Bowl Association offered their congratulations to the folks who decided a playoff should include the bowls.

2.  This media member likes the new playoff set-up…

3.  But there are still plenty of unknowns according to this scribe.

4.  And a four-team playoff won’t last long in this writer’s mind.

5.  This writer thinks Auburn’s 2004 snub set the wheels in motion for a playoff.  (Not buying that.  Auburn and other schools have been shafted since.  This one was all about an all-SEC title game.)

6.  Need an early preview of Alabama’s opener with Michigan?  Here ya go.

7.  Nick Saban, Gene Chizik and Les Miles will take part in SEC BeachFest — along with an expected crowd of 10,000 — to kick off the season in late-August.  (Sorry, we’re not going to buy the “Coaches Gone Wild” videos that are sure to emerge.)

8.  The Arkansas state trooper who helped Bobby Petrino after his motorcycle wreck might have broken the law in accepting tickets and a Sugar Bowl ring from the UA program (pre-wreck).

9.  Ex-LSU center Justin Hamilton says he’ll find his way onto an NBA roster one way or another.

10.  Are you following Les Miles on Twitter?  (For that matter, you need to follow us on Twitter and you can do so right here.)

11.  Mississippi State’s Arnett Moultrie will probably be a first-round NBA draft pick… Renardo Sidney will not.

12.  Both State’s Dan Mullen and Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze are okey-dokey with a playoff system.

13.  Ole Miss has created an “external relations unit.”

14.  Texas A&M has suspended two key contributors on defense for its season opener due to the dreaded violation of team rules.

15.  A rendering of possible renovations for Kyle Field sent Aggie fans into a frenzy yesterday.  (Looks cool, folks.)

16.  A&M linebacker Sean Porter makes the Top 20 of this paper’s “best players in the SEC” list.

17.  Kevin Sumlin talks about his squad’s SEC transition.

18.  Florida will have to face a lot of quality quarterbacks in 2012.

19.  Gator hoops assistant Matt McCall is getting a raise, while Billy Donovan says his team is trying to get an identity.

20.  Georgia’s going to have to start thinking about strength of schedule.

21.  Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham — naturally — hopes to a be a head coach someday.

22.  An NCAA rule change is a great help to UGA hoops coach Mark Fox.

23.  This writer ranks the importance of Kentucky’s 2012 football games.

24.  Breaking down the physics of ex-Cat Anthony Davis’ shot-blocking technique.

25.  Trademarking terms tied to his “unibrow.”  (Yes, really.)

26.  Missouri AD Mike Alden on the school’s $200 million facilities upgrade plan: “I think when (the SEC sees) this amount of work coming out of the chute, it will tell them Mizzou is really serious.”

27.  The Tigers have unveiled an artist’s rendering of their own proposed football stadium upgrades.

28.  The SEC has been at the forefront of the college football playoff debate for a while now.

29.  “Newness” abounds in SEC hoops circles.

UPDATE — A terrifically-researched piece from’s Stewart Mandel, this column is an absolute must-read.  Great stuff.


One quick vent:  It never fails.  If I have outside business to attend to, that will be the day when news stories pop up from one end of the SEC to the other.  Always.  Guaranteed.  It’s amazing really.  Folks who haven’t said a peep in weeks all decided to write and report on June 27th of all days.  Grrrrrrrrr.  At any rate, sorry for all the links today.  I’ve got opinions on a lot of what you see above, but no time to write ‘em.


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Is there any news on how the 'Champions Bowl' will work?  Is there any chance at all that it just becomes the Sugar Bowl?

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



There's a lot to still work out, but the "Champions" Bowl -- wonder if they'll just stick with that name since everyone's using it? -- is expected to be one of the six bowls in the semifinal rotation.


That game was supposed to be bid out each year which would mean big bucks for the Big 12 and SEC.  But if it's rolled into the BCS bowls, will those leagues keep that cash and still be able to bid that game out in semifinal years?  Will they have to put the cash back into the BCS pool?  Will they keep all the cash in years when the game's not a semifinal and split it when it is a semifinal?


At this point, who knows?  It's such a unique entity -- it's never been tried before -- and now it'll have to be worked into another new entity -- that's also never been tried before.  The revenue issues will be very interesting.


Thanks for reading,



 @John at MrSEC 

I'm not sure I like the idea of a bowl (or a bowl like entity) rotating sites from year to year.  I'd rather it look and feel like the other bowls at one site for an extended period of time.  I'd *really* like the conferences to muscle their way into the Sugar and take a more active role.  Maybe that will pave the way for other conferences to do the same with other bowls.  And it would prevent further bowl creep seeing that we can't even supply all of the existing bowls with winning teams.  

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