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SEC Headlines 6/24/2012

1. Should SEC East and West become North and South? “Everything else in college football is being turned upside down. Why not strike while the iron’s hot and make things right?”

2. “Missouri, placed in the SEC East though it lies farther west than all but two SEC teams (A&M and Arkansas)…”

3. Top 10 conference games on the SEC schedule?  Let the debate begin.

4. Why Auburn defensive end Corey Lemonier is one of the top players in the SEC.

5. The Tennessee athletic department employs 195 people at a cost of more than $20 million. Salary breakdown by sport.

6. A college football playoff: Who, what and why.

7. “The final straw came this past season, when the national championship game rematch between LSU and Alabama produced the lowest overnight television rating of the BCS era…”

8. Why Jacksonville makes sense as a host city for a college football title game.

9. Former Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox is ready to start his NFL career.

10. Southern Miss guard LaShay Page played against Frank Martin in the NCAA Tournament.  Now he’ll play for him after transferring to South Carolina.

11. Mizzou basketball coach Frank Haith on recruiting in the SEC: “I don’t think I would let that affect us and not trying to recruit anywhere, but we’ve become more attractive to those kids in the southeast region.”

12. Missouri guard Kim English projects as a potential second-round pick in the NBA draft. Predicts title for Tigers.

13. Kentucky’s Darius Miller could go in the first or second round.

14. Questions and answers about Kentucky’s class of 2012.

15. Former Georgia coach Jim Donnan agrees to a bankruptcy settlement.  Required to repay $7.35 million.


16. Will Florida State last another 20 years in the ACC?

17. Standouts from the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge.

18. Sleepers to watch in this week’s NBA draft.

19. This draft is more about potential than it is can’t miss prospects.

20. Women’s sports spending in the SEC.



If you are going to print it on Gatorsports, at least it could be palatable to all of the Gator fans.


Did Dwight Collins graduate from Tennessee and go to Florida as a double agent?  The north-south team lineups he poses are laughably moronic on multiple levels.  He claims the SEC is cyclical, but during which cycle in its entire history have Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, or Vanderbilt ever truly made waves?  I think if I were him I would stop putting my ideas in print.

KC Guy
KC Guy

I just read that article from Dwight Collins of Gator Sports suggesting the SEC move from East and West Divisions to North and South Divisions. John, it all looks good on paper, but I was wondering what you thought about an idea like that. Is it a realistic plan or would it be laughed at before getting out of the gates. I'm just a newbie to the SEC and am trying to get the feel of things. Also, I noticed in his article that it said that my Missouri Tigers have four trophy games, but won't play any of those his year. When can we expect new rivalry games to begin? For instance, I could see Mizzou forming natural rivalries with Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Could we ever expect to hear about a trophy being added to start a new tradition? Could a neutral site be added for a game like Arkansas v. Mizzou at a place like Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City? I think something like that could really be embraced... By the Mizzou fan base at least and I'd really love to see the Arkansas - Mizzou game be played every Thanksgiving weekend now that the Jayhawks are out of the picture. Thoughts?

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator 1 Like

 @KC Guy 


The SEC just went through a hellacious time of working out the new schedule format.  And the idea from Day One -- as we trumpeted on this site from that day -- was to change as little as possible within the league.


Don't expect any changes in the division set-up for a while.  Personally, I believe a division-less set-up would have been the best option IF the league could have convinced the NCAA to go along with such a plan.  But the goal was maintain the status quo as much as possible in football.


Everything else you mention -- trophy games, neutral site games, etc -- are all theoretical possibilities that would have to be agreed upon by the schools.  The SEC wouldn't have a stake in that.


Thanks for reading,



 @John at MrSEC   Divisionless is the way to go even though it's more complicated and harder for people to keep up with.  Either that or we need 16 teams.


9 conference games is good and I would even be in favor of 10.


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