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Without Naming Names, Bama’s Saban Tells Big Ten’s Delany To Not “Be So Self-Absorbed”

Well, it was only a matter of time.  Yesterday we told you that Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany had said that he doesn’t “have a lot of regard for that team,” when asked about a hypothetical national champ that didn’t win its own division.  ”That team” was an obvious shot at Alabama.

It took a day, but Nick Saban has responded.  Asked yesterday about the Delany’s comment, Bama’s coach said, “Don’t be so self-absorbed,” while not naming Delany directly:


“Too many people are about their own self-preservation rather than doing what’s best for college football.  The whole reason we are talking about doing this is for the fans, and the fans want the four best teams.  To come up with a plan where, instead of having Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 playing but you have Number 1, 3, 6 and 12 or whatever, it doesn’t make any sense.  They don’t do it in basketball, so for once, let’s do what’s best for college football…

A lot of it (in terms of alternate playoff plans) is targeted at our league.  Last year at one point, we had LSU, Arkansas and us ranked 1-2-3 in the BCS.  Two years in a row, we played Florida in the championship game and we were ranked 1-2.  Some people don’t like that.”


No kidding.  SEC fans had better hope that the Mike Slive/John Swofford bloc can hold more sway with small conference commissioners than the Delany/Larry Scott bloc.  If not, we could indeed be looking at a four-team playoff that doesn’t invite the four best teams in the country.  (Only in college football…)

And for those out there who repeatedly tell this writer that conference champs should be given special treatment because we have no way of accurately selecting the four best teams, we also have no way of accurately selecting the four best conference champions.  Under the plans kicked around, those same rankings that would be inaccurate in choosing the top four teams in the country would be used to select which conference champs are in and which are out.




You guys are a riot!


Delaney has really put Michigan on the spot. I am not just gloating because I am an Alabama fan. I am warning Delaney AND the rest of the coaches in Saban's field of view: As OldArmy put it: Don't poke the bear. Ask Les Miles what happens when you do. I can understand that many around the country feel slighted because of what happened last season. But when you reflect that, as Saban said, at one point, there was LSU, Arkansas, Alabama, 1-2-3. And Georgia was in the top 10 too, I believe. That was dominance. Not collaboration. To be the best, you must beat the best. If you lose to the best in an embarrasing fashion, then don't whine about who's the best. And it's about the best TWO teams in the country playing for the championship. How we arrive at who that is, is sometimes subjective. But you don't argue that grits ain't groceries just because you don't eat grits!!!


As for Delaney, perhaps he has a secret hatred for Michigan.


Not defending Delaney but someone may want to tell Coach Saban that basketball doesn't playoff the top 68 teams.  It is actually a mix of champions from conferences and at large teams.  Basketball may have been the worst example he could've used to make his point.


Just how stupid do you have to be to get on Saban's radar screen?  ...... aparently the picture next to that definition comes from Delany's family album.


There's stupid, and then there's getting in a land war in Asia, heavily investing in sub-prime loans..... and giving Nick Saban cause to spend a little extra time on how to make your life miserable. Note to Delany, that you got a response in 24 hours does not put your comment in "the good things I have done this year" column in your daily planner.


Thank you Delany. Every minute Saban fixates on you is one less he fixates on the rest of us.

AllTideUp 1 Like

 @OldArmy I think he'll focus on Michigan in a new probably.  Conversation overheard at Jerry World next year-  Brady Hoke: Good to see you Nick,  Nick Saban: DESTROY!


 @AllTideUp Its just not a good practice to poke the bear.... Its one of the new laws of the Universe, if Saban wants you and does not get you this year, you're just under a suspended sentence.....


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