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UGA Hoopster Williams Arrested For Weed

Starting Georgia forward Donte’ Williams was arrested at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta over the weekend for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.  The 6-9 junior-to-be was booked at 9pm ET last Friday night.

An Atlanta police officer claimed that he smelled “an extremely strong odor of burning marijuana” emanating from Williams’ black Dodge Charger with the personalized tag: “DWILS15.”  How did the officer smell the burning weed?  It seems Williams wheeled in and parked right beside him in the mall’s parking lot.

Well, surely it was an unmarked… what?  It was a “an Atlanta Police patrol car,” you say?  Well, some guys are just asking for it.

Due to UGA’s stiff drug policy, Williams will likely miss at least three games to start next basketball season if the charges stick.  (As in the sticky-icky.)



three games for being that stupid is a stiff policy?  A&M needs to read up on these harsh rules so they can adopt them ASAP.


 @kentatm Why? Never been into the "drop the hammer" as hard as you can all the time club. If things are done correctly, you take into account a load of factors before you go Roman. Not saying you don't keep the ability to drop the hammer, but last time I checked, A&M does not have a major reputation for drugs in its athletic department. Problems, sure, like every team in the US, but I prefer to let those who are actually charged with making those decisions do their jobs. If they fail, bounce them and bring in someone who can. 

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



In the SEC, only Kentucky and Georgia require game suspensions for first-time drug offenses of any kind.  So by comparison, yep, that's stiff.


I'll have to check Texas A&M's policy to see if they hand out automatic suspensions.


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